Breaking News & Site additions. Today Is
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Couzins, thire is an improtant message for you in the members page. Someone (cough,dad,cough) loaded the camera rong and all the wedding pictures came out wite.7/25/04-

YAWN it 's Seven thirty ing the morning and i have just added the GIF my Homepage. WOW PRETTY COOL. ill make you one for $25. Oh yah i just added some really cool java games! go to the games Section. And if they dont work let me know. please


Added the Post Your comment section. Ok i lied. You actully email me and i will try to put it on the site in the next day. Still awaiting the pictures . WE have to pick them up at Giant Eagle. sigh.

Today I added the new links section. If you would like to add your website or change your discription please email me or put a note in the guestbook. Still dont have the pictures. :(


Hopefully Tommoro I will have the weddign Pictures. Been Watingg SOO long.

Today I added The News section of my website. Also I added A color Changing bacground to the homepage. One minor note andys birthday party has been moved to today. No really i removed the annoying popup box that asks you for your name.

Added The Dome Section and the OmniStar Productions Section. 1