not pron walkthrough

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. -Click the door handle to proceed Eggs: change "notpron" to "pron" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. -move the mouse on the door handle, use enter to click the popup away, (he ENTERED it) click with the mouse on the handle, now that you tricked the popup ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. -The screen says "you are always so negative" - "Stop that" -"Turn me on dead man" Turn "false" in the url to "true" (hint in source telling you to read the whole url) Eggs: change "false" to "right" change gototheotherside.htm to positive.htm and to negative.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. -he stumbled into the darkness -torch this place (a cd by the Atomic Fireballs is called that) -the fireballs got him off the right path, dont let them distract you Torch this place = brighten the pic, you'll find a morse code hidden on the right translate it: help - doom this would be username and password to be found on the bottom of the cabinet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. url = a blocke named smoker red button asks for password and reveals hint: hoochie koocher Still got your torch lit? Meaning: brightening pic reveals "a diamond car with platinum wheels" Url mentionings google. Google for these quotes all get you to one song: Minnie the Moocher The source of the page tells: Which makes it obvious. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. ...then his life when DOWN the hill... look down, there is hidden stuff: 104 115 097 116 116 116 105 an ALTernative for it? hold ALT pressed, press 1 0 4 and release ALT. getting you this: h do this for all numbers hsatt ti Scrambled it's "thats it" (username and password) Click the middle circle thing to get it. Eggs: -change "nothing" to "all" or "everything" in the URL -change "hesgotitall" to "hesgotnothing" in the URL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7. URL: sdrwakcab = backwards tieman = nameit name the wrapper you see, its twix. In the title (old school) and in the webpage source you get a hint that times have changed in deutschland. It used to be called "raider" in germany. put in "rediar" (backwards) instead of "tieman" Eggs: -put it twix or xiwt or raider or redair ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8. say it loudly and proudly, meaning JAY PACK. Which means the extension .jpg In the middle of the guitar (hint for musik) you get a "2nd song" hint. In the source you can see a 2nd song being used for this page. A "water became wine" hint in the source of the page. More like mp3 became jpg. Download mus2.mp3 and change mp3 to jpg, this tells you username and password. Eggs: -change rediar.htm to mus2.jpg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9. The passwort hint is "colorful". In the source you see several single letters of the text at the bottom being "span"-ed out. Means they have a different color than the rest. Putting these together you get: turnmeon and deadman (username and pw) (click the 9 to enter the pw) Eggs: Revolution Nr9? Ringing a bell? Paul is dead? Still not? Turn me on dead man? What do you hear when you play the beatles song "Revolution Nr.9" backwards? There is a rumour Paul Mc Cartney died in a car accident in 1964 and you are supposed to be hearing this crash in the song. Just rumours :) -Put in paulisalive.htm in the url ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10. "he was impatient" in the source "quick quick, don't let me wait" The background music kinda sounds like a dinosaur "roooaawr" (explaining the htm) Speed it up (quick and impatient) by recording it with Windows Audiorecorder, speed it up several times. If's backwards, so invert it too. You'll hear (the operator) "hello stranger) which are username and password. Click the ring to enter both. Eggs: Change "wrong" to "right" in the url ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11. Ahead of its time. In the source you see "screen12.jpg" Go to "screen11.jpg", brighten the pic, there is your username and password. Eggs: change reality to unreality in the url ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12. Stereo = its a stereo pic, cross your eyes until the right eye sees the left pic and the left sees the right one. It will be 3 dimensional. Spot the attention whore. Its the mobile phone which seems to be floating. Enter "mobile" and "phone" in the password box, there you go. Eggs: In the source you find "switch pics for parallel view " You can change crossview.htm into parallelview.htm to get to this pic. It requires your eyes to view parallel to see the pic in 3d. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13. There are 5 spots which produce a popup. Under them you you can find the letters E I V L D The popup on E and L tell you to put these to position 2 and 5 _e__l FIll in the other 3 letters and you get "devil" (user name). he's been a bad boy, lucy (luficer) not in the sky, i live there: all leading to "hell" which is the password Click the thing above the 4 to proceed. Eggs: Change afterdeath to beforedeath, to afterlife and to beforelife 10 = the ring from 10 4 = the capinet and exit of 4 (no meaning) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14. Same scene as in screen 5 He knew the feeling - been there = refering to "déjà vu" (which is username and pw) Neo = remember the scene with the cat in matrix? "Quoi?" meaning "what?" in french, telling you that it's a french answer Eggs: Change picture url from 14.jpg to 5.jpg Access dejavu.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15. The source gives you this: Title says "hit the keys" and board.htm in url. Sorta showing you that its about the KEY Board. [x] means the letter row y meaning the letter in this row You'll end up with rest in piece Put this in as password by clicking on the round rhing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16. It shows all previous screens. Those with a 0 on it had no password or username. With a abc = zyx decoding provess you'll find out that "zoo mznvh" in the url means "all names" (the usernames). (in the source "invert" is a hint) In the source you'll find this equation: # = svok/nrmmrv/vxg svok = help (username on 4); nrmmrv = minnie (username on 5). So # means that you have to encode these usernames (marked with it) on your own. Now take the 3rd letter on the name of 4, the 6th on 5, the 1st on 6 etc. Those marked with an "#", take for example the 5th letter of the encoded username of 10. You'll end up with letitluvrat username = letit password = luvrat Enter it in the bottom right corner ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17. Finale? The end? No! Brightening the pic shows you that you shall name what you see, put it in for the .htm to proceed. It's a "lamp". So next level is "lamp.htm" Eggs: Put in "notpron.htm" Put in light, egg, nova, sun, ufo for the .htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18. You see a piano. Listen to the music, write down the notes, it gets you "C A G E" Put in the cage as .htm, there you go. Eggs: Seen that the pic is screen18a.jpg? Change it to screen18b and go thru pretty much all letters. Go to screen18.jpg Go to screen19.jpg For the htm enter: bad, bag, bead, beaf, cab, deaf, egg, face, fade, fag, faq, fed, feed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 19. You can see the letters: VOGBJS and SJEEMF He moved it into the right direction? Finger showing left? Move the letters on step to the left in the alphabet, getting you "unfair riddle" Put this in for username and password. Click the finger nail. Eggs: go to scr34n20.jpg or to screen20.jpg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20. The password hint (on the windows logo) says "deep black". Refering to the black text in the middle. Password hint: "dont mind the lead/pb" Forget the plumbum. In the black text you'll find several "windings" characters from the windows font set. Translate them and you'll get "really unfair" Put this in as username and password Eggs: Replace "windows" with "linux" in the url line ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 21. the a and the z, meaning the beginning and the end. In greek letters its the alpha and the omega. So you need to get from the alpha to omega1 and from alpha to omega2 (for username and password). There is a jpg for every color that is written (blue.jpg, green.jpg). The important letters are in black.jpg. You have to put all pictures on top of each other, except for the light_blue and the lilac one. Because these colors cannot be seen in white.jpg All written colors except for those are used. After all are put on top of each other you can follow the maze and get the words. "making" and "progress" Click the alpha to enter the password and username. To see the "perfect" solution check out solution.jpg, which is in the same folder. Eggs: Change twentyone to twentytwo Change again.htm to notagain.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 22. Solution won't be told, but it's sorta unexpected Eggs: change banana.htm to phone.htm full mp3 is here: ( I take no credit for this, there is a link to it when you beat the game )