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Gilligan Is Lost
Help me find him

I had to leave him with someone who kept other birds
When I went to pick him up the people had moved
Gilligan Speaks and Does Tricks
He says "Hi Gilligan" Often and Clearly
As well as "Pretty Bird" - "I love Molly""Shut Up" "Good Morning" "Stop That" AND sings "La La La La La"
"I love you" "How are You"- "whatever" and Much More watch the videos for some of his unique tricks too

If you have seen a Blue And Gold
with any of Gilligan's tricks or vocabulary
Please contact me HERE


Here is a video of Gilligan talking and doing his trick

Let me first say there are AN ESTIMATED 40 Billion pages on the internet
Why did you find this one ?
There must be a reason

Take your time to find what that reason is

Gilligan's Real First name on the " Gilligan's Island " TV Show was
William or Willie"
He was played by Bob Denver


See the video of Him
If you don't have a high speed connection these pages may load very slowly -
But I assure you the wait is worth it


If the movies do not start or plays badly please contact me




First my over 380 sunsets picture On Cape Coral without missing One Night -
Amzaing !!!


The next link is another page of Many of My Videos
look for the Gilligan Thumbnails
But don't miss the other vids

Gilligan is a Blue and Gold Macaw and is "zygodactyl"

Again : Gilligan Speaks and Does TricksIf the videos do not work
Try the individual links below

OR Go to YouTube and search for "Missing Talking Bird Gilligan Cape Coral" and Gils Vids will come up
They have over 300,000 views


The black markings on Gilligan's face are feathers
the white is skin
no two birds have the same markings
and Gil has an extra unique feature - a white saddle on his tongue

Prince Gilligan presided over his kingdom on Beautiful Cape Coral, FL.
Cape Coral is located on the Gulf Coast ONLY 15 miles south of Punta Gorda where in 2004 Hurricanes Charley, Wilma and to a lesser degree - Katrina and Francis wrecked havoc

The winds were over 110 during Charlie on The Cape
but were nothing compared to the 176 miles per hour gust recorded in Punta Gorda

Gilligan spent the storm in Our Bomb Shelter

Featured in a video



is a Movie Of Gilligan Helping me
I know there was commercial on TV a few years ago where a Macaw opens a Corona
BUT I sent this video to Corona Beer in 2001
-- Using Gilligan to open a can of Coke - Pepsi - Beer - OR Mountain Dew - Any Pop

And another mpg HERE

of Gilligan giving Me More Help


is and mpg Gil talking back to me _- Telling me to "Shut Up!!!!!


is an mpg in which You can hear saying - "Whatever - Pretty Bird - Hello - Hi and Hello Gilligan


mpg of Gil Escaping at will



Thats all for Gill Live and in Action


Gilligan is a very smart bird -- many Blue and Golds don't have extensive vocabularies -- BUT NOT Gilligan -- He says about 15 phrases and 50 words

He likes to sing - La La La and laugh and quacks like a duck too !!!!

He also is something of a psychic / people judge
There are just some people who he does NOT like
and most have turned out to be deserving of his feelings for them


Gilligan is 36 1/2 inches from tip of tail to top of his head his wing span is 39 inches

He eats almost anything from sunflower seeds to spaghetti and peanut butter

Now Lil Buddy Gilligan's other exciting exploits are covered

The warning for any would be Intruders into Our Kingdom


He like to go to the beach at the Cape Coral Yacht club and entertain the crowd

He likes to take a dip in the pool too



He also enjoys a drink occasionally

Gil likes a cool one once in a while

and a few puffs after mating


Gilligan likes to drive around in His 1966 Corvair
He usually hangs on the passenger window with his head out
like a dog and
My Guy gives out BIG "HELLOs" and "What Cha Doing"s to other cars

Gil likes that Spiked look at times



The Page Linked

takes you to 380 of Bill's Sunset Pictures which he took on Cape Coral EVERY night for a whole year Starting Feb 11TH 2003 to Feb 2004
He did NOT miss one Day


Visit one of Gils favorite sites
View this montage created at One True Media
Demonstartion of Gill's owners Invention
a Hands Free / No Bending Foot Care Device
Seen in this Video



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Dont forget to take a look @ the Following Forums too
Gil is featured in the
"PETS" topics


http://www.totallycrazyauctions.comI and Gill both hope the likes of Hurricane Charlie and Frances NEVER return to Cape Coral -


2005 brought Hurricane Wilma
Her story is HERE


I also have some sites where you can donate to any cause you choose ( Hurricane Charley Relief Fund - Spinal Injury Research Foundation )
and get a nice useful gift which could be sent to a soldier in Iraq




Is a site with more information about Cape Coral Florida
Things to Do while visiting
Places to go
Where to Eat
Inexpensive Entertainment




The Crucifix Fish Bone

Get this mystical Good Luck artifact
Set your own price and get two BONUSES


The webmaster and composer of this page Bill Tomsck -
is the inventor of the Foot-Eze Foot Care - Personal Hygiene Device
Found as the BONUS there


To Contact Bill ---
Put "Saw Your Bird's Page" in the subject line
or it WILL GET THROWN out as Junk Mail and
The Ragman
( Bill Tomsck )



is Gilligan's Classic 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza
Damage to car from Hurricane Charley was minimal
Paint scratched and crack in windshield
I just saw one sell on ebay for $9,000.00
I KNOW there is NOT $8000.00 of work needed to get this gal into shape



One day a man walked into a bar and sat down next to a guy with a parrot on his shoulder.

The bartender asked his name. the man said "Chet"

He then queried - Does he talk?"

The guy with the parrot says, "He does more than just talk, watch."

The guy lit a match and placed it under the parrots left foot. Then the parrot started singing "Jingle Bells",

The guy then placed the match under the right foot and the parrot then started to sing "The 12 days of Christmas."

The bartender said, "That's incredible".

He then asked, "What does he say when you place them between his feet?"

The guy said, "You know I never tried that, let's see."

When the lit match was placed between the feet of the parrot - he began to sing another familiar seasonal tune...

"Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire."


Here is
Bird Central
a Parrott Owners Forum

Tips for Finding Lost Birds

If you belong to a bird club, please ask your newsletter editor to publish this. If your club holds a bird fair, please distribute it. If you know of someone who has lost a bird, please send it along. If you have a personal web page, please put this up. If you are a breeder, please include this in your educational packet. Please forward this to other lists. If you know of lost/found web pages, please ask them to put this up.

Additional suggestions from Scott Lewis are included.

Birds can live for days-weeks months, and even years after an escape. Never give up.

Always look for a lost bird BEFORE sun-up while it is still dark, and AFTER sundown. They are the most vocal then, and the most active.

Day 3 is when they get hungry and try to come in for food, they will go to just about any one at that time if they are tame. ALWAYS have a recording of your grey when he is playing and having the most fun. Play this recording intermittently as you look for him.

Throw food on rooftops. Place a small cage on the roof of your house, or anyone's where they grey has been seen.

Tell people to put him in a pillow case, and have friends carrying pillowcases while looking, or small cages. Sometimes greys are caught by inexperienced holders and they don't know what to do with them.

Water hoses do work if you can spray him shortly after his escape. Hit him with as much water as you can all at once. He is heavy from not having exercise, and the water throws him off enough to ground him for a bit. Do not drench just before dark unless you are sure you can get him.

If possible contact organizations 50 miles away. Sometimes people find them while traveling and go home with them. Greys can also get that far just flying.

Give all the children in the neighborhood a buck and tell them there is more if they can locate your bird. Kids tell on people that are hiding them also. (per Mattie Sue Athan) Police will not help you retrieve a bird from someone else's home. You have to plan that one very carefully if they decide they want to keep your bird.

Have someone watch the bird at all times if he is spotted and you need to go for help.

If you try to climb the tree, it often times scares them up. A long branch may be better to coax him onto. Use your head here. Raise his cage to where he is. Have friends and family miles away in other cities watch the lost and found ads.

If he is roosted near dark, wait until dark before trying to retrieve him. They don't fly well at night, and they don't want to fly, but make sure you don't miss. You may use a high powered flashlight to momentarily blind the bird while another person nets or grabs the bird.

If sighted, keep the mobs of people away, and let the owner try and coax him down. Have your helping friends in tall trees or on roof tops to watch where he goes if he takes off. You NEED spotters prepared and willing.

Additional Information/Comments by Scott Lewis

I might add to all this that if the bird is hanging around but refuses to go in a cage or allow itself to be caught, a Have-A-Heart chipmunk trap may do the trick. This is a small live trap. We recaptured a hawk headed parrot with one. With this sized bird, which is roughly the same size as a Timneh African Grey, anything larger will not work because the bird can go in and out with impunity. We know this from experience. After watching in total frustration as the hawk head repeatedly walked in and out of a Have-A-Heart squirrel trap to eat, we got a chipmunk trap. She went in, she was back.

Place the trap high in the area the bird is frequenting. Remember that height equals safety to parrots and most other birds. Be sure to check it frequently. If the bird is caught, it may panic. And, there is a good chance you will catch native birds, which won't appreciate it a damned bit. I have released a few extremely irate grackles and such.

For little birds, such as lovebirds and budgies, a sparrow trap works well. We had a black-masked lovebird show up at the aviary. I suppose it was attracted by our birds' calls. Given that lovebirds can carry PBFD, to which all our birds are very susceptible, two vets told me to get a pellet gun. I didn't have the heart to do it. But, I caught him in a sparrow trap within a half hour after I set it.

Finally, a hose does work, but don't be shy. The idea is to totally soak the bird in a big hurry to the extent that it can't fly. If you're shy with the hose, you will simply watch a damp bird fly away.


IS A LOST Bird Page with more comprehensive links and info ON Birds


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Don't be a bird brain

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Click Here to see a video I use to promote this Program

HERE is A VIDEO OF GILLIGANS Mother and a shark attack near Cape CoraL Florida


( UFOs over Cape Coral - Fishing videos -
AND Over 356 sunsets in a row without missing one
These are my pictures ALL taken by me

Plus Many More


Before we get to my "Meet Gilligan Info"
Please take a moment at these sites

Above is one more way I can help others
If the Banner is Yellow there is an active Amber Alert
which means there is a child missing or abducted
Please see my page linked below
To help Find Missing or Abducted Women and children and men

Click Here to Help Find Missing women children and men


for a page where you can help support the troops
By sending any soldiers Great gifts with a Two for One Free shipping offer
AND FREE Bonuses Too !!!


It pains me to ever visit his page SO I have left it as Composed
So some of the info FOUND HERE is outdated


I Love the Ellen show and hope she sees this page
and has me on as a guest to help find Gilligan
Contact her and tell her Please


CLICK HERE for ALL the details on how to do that



There are also many vids on You Tube of Gil
Just go there and Search "Gil Cape Coral Bird"

This page introduces a Blue and Gold Macaw who lived on Cape Coral FL.
"Prince Gilligan of Florida"

The "Prince" was available for TV Commercials
and photo shoots for a flat fee

Prince Gilligan is a bachelor - I am NOT

I am looking for information on Blue and Gold Macaws. I need info on mAcaws, I am searching for Blue and Gold Macaws.

Blue and Gold Macaws for sale.

Blue and Gold macaws for sale. Cape Coral FL.

Classic 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Fos Sale - cheap - inexpensive - dirt cheap - a steal
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The Links to more Great PAGES ARE here

Baby birds, nesting birds macaws breeding brood baby macaws for sale ?????

talking tricks Blue and Gold macaw Prince Gilligan of Cape Coral, Florida

Blue Gold Prince Gilligan of Cape Coral, Florida Macaw

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