Because this is our Ward, we make the following recommendations for the Ward election to be held Tuesday, May 24th:

***Greg Bjelke is a long time Selma resident and local businessman who has been actively involved in community activities for many years. We highly commend Greg to you.

***Karl Lewis did a good job as a member of the Dallas County Board of Education and is a long time employee of International Paper. We commend him to you.

***Tommy Headley served on the city council many years ago, has been away from Selma for a number of years and recently returned. We commend him to you.

***David Cothran made a good run for the Selma City School Board. We commend him to you.

***Pam West and Garfield Clark... We do not know these individuals well enough to know their qualifications.

---Sherette Spicer is a Rose Sanders protégé who has made a living with Rose's taxpayer funded organizations. If you have heard Sherette speak at city council meetings you understand how drugs can make people delusional. You would think Rose would support one of her own, BUT ROSE IS SUPPORTING OUR NEXT CANDIDATE...

---Gwen Brown, the Colorado carpetbagger cult leader who came to Selma a few years ago and has caused strife, disunity and hatred throughout the city. We have thought that Gwen was Mark Duke's go to girl when he comes to Selma; hence, we were surprised to hear a caller on Viewpoint on Wednesday, May 11th, say that Gwen was a lesbian and her partner was Selma police officer and cult member Kelli Brunson. We are not interested in her sexual orientation, but we are interested in her position as cult leader who denies the Jesus of the Bible and who causes hate in the city with her broadcasts on hate radio 105.3. We are surprised that Brown, who has consistantly called members of the Selma City Council "evil" now wants to be one of them. WE BELIEVE THAT IT IS OF THE GREATEST IMPORTANCE TO THE WELFARE OF OUR CITY THAT BROWN NOT BE ELECTED TO THE CITY COUNCIL.


          We are disappointed that "Christians" such as James Perkins, Jr., Ruthless Crenshaw and Lorraine Capers are openly supporting Gwen Brown who denies the Jesus of the Bible. It shows that politics is more important to them than their professed faith.

          And now after 25 years, Rose wants the Battle of Selma moved out of town because of the noise. Apparently she has not listened to some of the vulgar, filthy, pagan rap and hip hop groups she has brought to town.

          And Rose needs to decide where she lives. Is it with her husband in the county on Imani Way or is it in the city on Water Avenue. For years, she has listed her address in the city as Water Avenue so she could vote in the city. This is both immoral and illegal since everyone knows she lives in the county on Imani Way. At least Hank is honest enough to give his correct address as his voting address and vote at Valley Grande, BUT NOT ROSE. She thinks the law does not apply to her. No wonder there is so much crime in the city when you have self appointed leaders like Rose doing something like this which is blatantly dishonest and illegal.