As 2011 ends, it is time for Angelfire to announce its 2011 People of the Year Awards.

THE JOHNNIE LEASHORE LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to former Mayor James Perkins, Jr. For the past two years, the defeated and disgraced ex-councilman Leashore had told so many lies on HATE RADIO 105.3 that there was no one to compete with him for the title of biggest liar in Selma. In fact, Leashore was such a prevaricator that the award has actually been named in his honor. Unfortunately, for Leashore, he was edged out in the voting for biggest liar this year by Perkins. The LIE that solidified the award for Perkins was told last week on HATE RADIO when Perkins said he did NOT favor the leaf ordinance or having citizens put their leaves in bags. THE TRUTH IS Perkins proposed, pushed, and signed the Ordinance into law which requires citizens to bag their leaves. Ironically, it was his puppet on the city council, Leashore, who made the motion to adopt the ordinance. For this big fib, Perkins receives the 2011 LEASHORE LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD.

THE JAMES PERKINS, JR. LOSER OF THE YEAR AWARD is shared jointly in 2011 by cult member GWEN BROWN and the FREEDOM FOUNDATION. Congratulations to Brown for being the biggest loser in Selma this year by being soundly defeated in her run for the Ward 3 Council seat. She polled 31% of the votes against a very good council member, Greg Bjelke. This despite many fraudulent votes from Ffer’s who live in Colorado, Georgia, and Virginia who cast illegal absentee votes in the city election. Brown shares the Perkins biggest loser award with her fellow cult members in the Freedom Foundation who are obligated to pay Mark Duke $175,000.00 on January 2, 2012. “On January 2, 2007, the Foundation purchased the Tepper Building…from Mark S. Duke, Executive Director and Founder of the organization for $175,000.00 on an installment note basis paying interest only payments for sixty months at a 5.4% interest for $801.00 a month. The installment note balloon payment is due January 1, 2012, with one final payment of unpaid principal and remaining interest. Mr. Duke purchased the building January 2, 2007 from an unrelated third party for $175,000 with the intent of selling the building to the Foundation, as the Foundation did not have the operating funds to make such a purchase on its own. The Foundation’s primary purpose for the building is to turn it into a community gathering place…as well as run its operations from said building upon completion of renovations” (Quoted from the Freedom Foundation’s Form 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service) For letting the Tepper’s Building remain an eyesore on Selma’s main street for five years, the Freedom Foundation and its cult members share the Perkins loser award with Gwen Brown.

THE DON JEFFERSON WHINER AWARD FOR 2011 goes to three whiners, Carolyn Robinson, Dee Henderson and Tammy Maul. These whiners continue to appear on HATE RADIO trying to stir up strife in the community over the removal of Jefferson as Superintendent of Selma City Schools. They continue to berate 3 school board members and accuse them of illegal actions, when in fact, IT WAS JEFFERSON WHO COMMITTED THE ILLEGAL ACT of entering into a contract without the Board’s approval. While there has been much smoke and heat generated at public meetings, all the 3 members are actually accused of doing in Jefferson’s lawsuit in violating the Open Meetings Law, for which they could be fined up to $300.00 if found guilty. They WILL NOT be found guilty, and if they were, all they have to do is call a meeting and vote again to remove him as Superintendent. Robinson, Henderson and Maul need to get over it and get on with their lives. If they truly want to help Selma’s children, they could try setting an example of civility and love before the children. We do not have a “dog in this fight”, but we do believe that Jefferson will not be the superintendent of the Selma City Schools as long as the current board is in place and that NO COURT will over rule the decision of a duly elected School Board.

THE MARCUS GARVEY HATE AWARD for 2011 is awarded jointly to the Bishop of Funk, Franklin Fortier and Ms. Rose Sanders. We believe everyone in the community knows Rose and what she is, but we are not sure the community is fully aware of what a Marxist anarchist Fortier is. He has repeatedly tried to create strife and mob action since he came to Selma. We wonder if he has any principles other than his underlying anarchists principles which he applies to every disagreement which arises in Selma. It does not matter whether it is an election in Ward 3 or actions of the City Council or the school board controversy, Fortier uses every occasion to stir up more dissension, hatred and strife in the community. Although he purports to be a follower of the late attorney Chestnut and speaks often of blacks voting “in their own interest”, his actions contradict his words. For example, in the Ward 3 election this year, HATE RADIO supported the cult member, Gwen Brown, instead of a qualified black such as Karl Lewis. The irony of that is not ONLY does Gwen Brown deny that Jesus is God (which the Bible clearly teaches that He is), but Fortier and others who support Brown such as Perkins and Leashore wear their Christianity on their sleeves and use the name of Jesus repeatedly-all this while supporting someone who denies the Jesus of the Bible. For these reasons, we give the Marcus Garvey Hate award jointly to Fortier and Rose, who wins it every year!

And finally, we give our 2011 WHAT CAROLS CAN THEY SING Award to the Freedom Foundation members.

Historically, Christians for nearly 2,000 years have affirmed the holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God in three Persons. In 2006-2007, there came to our fair city a cult from Colorado, the House of God Church led by Mark Duke and Gwen Brown, and their tax exempt organization the Freedom Foundation. It soon became evident that these people were not Christians because they did not believe in the Jesus of the Bible. The true church has historically taught that Jesus is fully human, fully divine. The HOG/FF deny this. Because they deny this, we wonder what Christmas carols they are able to sing, BECAUSE ALMOST ALL OF THE CAROLS AFFIRM THAT JESUS IS GOD. For example,

“God of God, Light of Light…very God, begotten not created” (O Come, All Ye Faithful)
“Veiled in flesh, the Godhead see; hail the Incarnate Deity” (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)

More important, the Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is God come in flesh, Emmanuel, God With us. For example, “…the Word was God…and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” (John 1:1,14)

We are sorry to see people in our midst who are so far from the truth and who, unfortunately, are fully supported by HATE RADIO and their personalities, who portray themselves as friends of the Lord.

To our faithful readers and supporters, WE WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!