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Rocky Horror Picture Show ::: Trivia


  • Aside from the chemical symbols scrawled on the lab wall next to the control panel, there is a grocery list calling for flour, eggs, bread, sugar and two hypodermics.

  • During "The Floor Show", Susan Sarandon spiked Barry Bostwick's foot with her stiletto heel. His grimace can be seen in the film.

  • Most of the actors weren't told of the prop corpse of Eddie under the dining room tablecloth. When it was revealed during filming, their looks of horror are geniune.

  • In the scene near the end of the film where the house takes off, the 'house' is actually a cardboard cutout. Parts of the real house can be seen behind it.

  • This movie has been shown continually in movie theaters since its release in 1975. This makes it the longest theatrical run in history.

  • At a cinema in Munich, Germany, the movie has been screened every week for the past 27 years. There are special "RHPS-Kits" available to enable celebrations during the show.

  • The set used for Frank-N-Furter's castle was not heated during filming, and Susan Sarandon caught Pneumonia after the pool scene.

  • The original design for the background of the pool was the 20th Century Fox logo with the search lights being made of plywood suspended by strings that Magenta and Columbia would pull to make them move back and forth.

  • Working on The Rocky Horror Show Meatloaf's pay was $287 per week.