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Shock Treatment ::: Information


All the world's a TV sound stage in "Shock Treatment", the prequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. An outrageous new musical, 20th Century-Fox's "Shock Treatment" is set in Denton, USA, a mythical suburban community that shares with its real-life counterparts perhaps the single most over-riding characteristic of American cultural life - an obsession with television.

To lampoon our love affair with the tube, the filmmakers have come up with a unique structural and stylistic device. The entire film takes place inside a television studio. In fact, the entire town of Denton is a television studio, and its residents act like running characters in TV series that have gone wildly out of control.

Our guides through the madness of Denton are Brad and Janet Majors. The perfect young couple of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" visit the station as innocent participants in a daytime marriage-counseling show, "Marriage Maze." It's an apt title. Unbeknownst to Brad and Janet, they're unwitting pawns in a twisted scheme concocted by the station's sponsor, a fast food tycoon named Farley Flavors, who has an old score to settle.

What happens to Brad and Janet?

What strange secret links Brad and Farley Flavors?

Will Brad and Janet survive Farley's evil plot?

Will they live happily ever after?

For the answers to these and other cliff-hanging questions, tune in "Shock Treatment." The film propels Brad and Janet through a whirlwind of soap operas, quiz shows and medical serials, telling us the couple's story in the context of the kinds of programs that have addicted America to television.