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Rocky Horror Picture Show ::: Goofs & Screw Ups


  • When Doctor Frank-N-Furter is descending on the elevator in his first appearance, his legs are positioned differently in close-up while tapping his foot.

  • During and after the pool scene, the condition of Dr Frank-N-Furter's tattoo changes repeatedly between shots.

  • After Frank sings Happy Birthday to Rocky and sits down, Magenta's arm can be seen at the side of the screen. However, in subsequent shots she can be seen still serving dinner.

  • When Eddie gets off the motorcycle the engine cuts off when his hands are in the air and not able to turn the key.

  • Rocky is climbing up the radio tower and carrying Frank. When the tower falls, Rocky is holding on to the tower with both hands, and Frank's dead body is holding on to Rocky.

  • When Janet faints, the hand she raises to her forehead switches from left to right between shots.

  • Riff Raff fills Dr. Scott's mug twice, once in close-up of Rocky, then again in the next wide shot. Riff also serves Brad a slice of Eddie twice, once in a close-up of Brad and then again in a wide shot.

  • After Riff-Raff is singing in "There's a Light" a lighting bolt appears inside the window.

  • Frank snaps Janet's bra strap, but in the next shot it's back where it should be.

  • The chalk heart that Brad draws on the church door during "Dammit Janet" changes shape between shots.