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To be masculine or not?
Gender Roles in Magazine Advertisements

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§ To be masculine or not? §

English 101 – In class essay .. got a nice A on it

         Males may have the tendency to perform some roles because it is socially accepted. Sometimes a male will chase after females because it makes him look better. There are styles that males will go with because it is masculine. Some women want to try to change their men so they are more considerate to the women. Men will do things that make them appear appealing to society, trying to be the ideal male.
         Males chase females so they will be viewed as a “man,” according to author Goldberg. His subject, Richard, stated that the hunt for a woman was exciting but as he succeeded, he got bored. That bore3dom led him to a new hut, even regretting some of them. Claiming that some of the girls were nightmares. He was caught “in the bag of proving myself” and it seemed uncontrollable. He even married his high school girlfriend because he did not want another guy to marry her. Richard admitted that he was bored with her within a month. He was concerned with how society viewed him as a “man” that he was performing roles that made him appears more masculine.
         Author Rosenberg wrote that General Patton had a pearl handled revolver with his uniform to “prove that he was all man.” In the eighteenth century, to venture far from the farm or town, that was a sign of masculinity. Signs of masculinity appear often in the media. One instance is the Marlboro cigarettes adverstiments, which uses cowboys and the country life. A statement in the New York Times Magazine by the Black Panthers’ leaders strikes the concept of masculinity, “to be a man one must dare to die.” The mass media provides the male audience with models of aggressiveness to show that they are masculine. Hemingway constantly kept the masculinity in his writings alive with the outdoor man who was daring and eager to cheat death. He did that as a mean of overcoming the American stereotype of the writer as a sissy. Male artists and men of ideas were always living under the “threat of having their masculinity impugned.” According to Rosenberg, “True maleness is never without its vein of felinity.”
         Some men want to win the approval of the females, that they will try and understand how women feel. Author Blakely writes about Fred, the Feminist Man, and how he had changed his behaviors to please his wife. He understands “feminism only as a set of rules.” Blakely mentioned that Fred learned something but understands little about the Women’s Movement. Fred is not the only one to change, males across the country are changing. A Bell Telephone employee asked for paternity leave, and he actually used it. Blakely would like it if men started to “think like a woman.”
         Males performs things in society that will make them more masculine. Chasing women can make a man look like a true man. Taking on socially acceptable roles and styles helps a man prove his maleness. Becoming a feminist, a man can win the approval of women and gain their respect. Unless things seem equal between the sexes, males will continue to find things that proves their masculinity.

§ Gender Roles in Magazine Advertisements §

Missed English class on Monday (10/20) so I could get some extra days to work on it.. Ended up doing it last minute before I turned it on 10/22..

         In today’s magazines, examples of gender roles are appearing more often in advertisements. A picture of a man doing an extreme stunt on a dangerous obstacle can show that is very daring. A page spread showing the elements of thrill-seeking adventures that a man can go on can make him appear more adventurous. An advertisement showing a woman doing extreme stunt can feed the idea that women can do anything a man can do and overcome the gender barrier. Extreme stunts can make a man appear more daring, adventurous activities shows that a man has what it takes to be all man, also there are advertisements showing that women can do anything a man does.
         Action sports have been booming in modern society at a rapid rate, and an advertisement from Gravity Skateboards shows that. Their advertisement shows a man on a skateboard carving in a concrete pool, his kneepads full of scratches. It shows that if a man wishes to do what the skater is doing in the advertisement, he has to have the will to go out and do it. The will to do extreme stunts is becoming a part of proving yourself as a man. Scuffled up kneepads and helmets are usually a sign that the skater has put himself through some abuse as means of succeeding in his sport. The skater’s worn out shoes and gear shows that the skater is very determined to master a difficult trick. Skateboarding is just an example of what a man can do to lead an active life. Men can also do other activities to show their adventurous side.
         An advertisement in Surfer from Seven2, a surfing company, shows examples of adventurous activities that daring men participate in. The advertisement shows various icons of masculinity. A tough muscular fighter, showing a physical fit body is essential to being masculine. A frequently used icon for masculinity, a cowboy riding a bull, making the sense of being tough and willing to take on challenges seems masculine. The motocross racers makes that thrill-seeking sense appears within the reader. Another icon of masculinity that appears in the advertisement is the cars. Cars always have been mainly man thing, although women do participate, the kind of car a man drives can tell people what kind of man he is. People generally are drawn to a man that has been adventurous and participating in adrenaline filled activities. Usually, the outdoor active lifestyle is a sign of masculinity; more and more females are turning the tables and participating in more thrill-seeking activities.
         Today’s women are starting to shed the previous imposed gender role, and taking on masculine roles. A page out of Burton Snowboard catalog shows a picture of a woman snowboarder doing a big jump. The quote “Never send a man to do a woman’s job” is also stated in the advertisement. That quote and picture represents the idea that a woman can do anything a man can do. It is becoming more commonplace in today society as women are becoming more active such as that female snowboarder in the advertisement. Action sports are not just a man’s thing anymore. Action sports is becoming a thing of both genders, women are competing along men, even having women’s contests. Women are becoming more successful in the world of action sports. The advertisement shows that, the female snowboarder rides for Burton Snowboards, a successful snowboard company.
         Magazines advertisements are a popular source of gender roles in today’s society, attracting millions of readers. Pictures showing skateboarders doing difficult tricks on obstacles attracts young males and makes them motivated to master the tricks. Advertisements showing icons of masculinity can give off examples of how a man can show off his adventurous side. Females taking on the active role and doing what only males were doing are appearing more often in magazines. Examples of gender roles will always be visible around today’s society in magazines, television, and life.