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Jan 28 05 IT'S 2005!! Band
working on new stuff CD out us if
CD "wanted". Special thanks to Chris McDowell and
Saterical Failure for inspiration/colaberation with
songs. New web site in the works with more
options! :)

Dec 6 04 Ok, once again i will be
reconstructing the site to fit our new personality.
we have a CD coming out soon so i'll basically make
the site styles similar to that of the CD cover.

Nov 24 04 We are updating the
webpage. Something is updated as of now. CHECK IT!

Sep 29 04 I got lot's of updates and
stuff. A lot of recording done. Once we get done
about 10 songs we'll put 'em on disc and sell 'em.
Lyrics are done for some more songs. SO SIGN

June 24 04 Lyrics are up for a few
songs. Another new song has been written,
it goes unnamed as of right now.

June 22 04 A new song has been
added (Annabelle's Poppies)and a few lyrics are
ready to be put up. I'll be putting up
a "Lyrics" link soon. Also, some pictures are
in the process of being developed - Good ol'
fasion non-digital cameras :) :) :).

June 08 04 We're working on lyrics so I promise
to put them up when we get a few songs
done. I bet you're excited ;)

June 06 04 Well, summer's here. I
guess that's a good thing even though it get's
pretty hot out there. No real news, i'm still
just messin' around with the site. The band's
gonna be playing a party next friday, it should be
fun. Tootles.

May 30 04 I got bored so I started
to change the site more.

May 22 04 I have news, but i can't
tell you 'cuz it's not for sure, so i'll
let you know when I know. And since nobody visits
our site because we are unknown I don't care.

May 20 04 Pictures are up, friends.
There are only a few. So.....check 'em
out, there will be more.

May 18 04 I made the links cooler, and put up a couple more
mp3s. I may have to reduce quality to add photos and
other info cuz i dont have lots of space on my

May 17 04 I'm starting to update
the site as much as possible.I'm also trying to get
the photos up and some more mp3s.We now have a
second guitarist, Paul.He'll join us when
practices resume.Please sign our guestbook.


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