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Page 76

B2C - The online selling of goods and services to final consumers.
(figure 3.2)

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B2B - where there is trading online. Open trade network and Private trading network. Using B2B trading networks, auction sites, spot exchanges, online product catalogs, barter sites, and other online resources to seach new customers, serve current customers more effectivly , and abtain buying efficiencies and better prices

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C2B - Online exchanges in which consumers search out sellers, learn about their offers, and initiate purchase purchases, sometimes even driving transaction terms.

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C2C - Online exchanges of goods and information between final consumers.

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Click only companies - The so-called dot-coms, which operate only online without any brick-and-mortar market presence.

Page 85.

Click and mortar companies - Traditional brick-and-mortar comanies that have added e-marketing to their operations.
Brick and mortar companies - physical stores with no online marketing operations.

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E-marketing - there are four ways to e-market
1) Creating a web site
2) Placing adds (pop-ups)
3) Setting up or participating web communities
4) Using e-mail or web casting

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Viral Marketing - The internet version of word-of-mouth marketing - e-mail messages or other marketing events that are so infectious that customers will want to pass them along to friends.

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e-mail - A system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer network, as between personal computers.
webcasting - The automatic downloading of customized information of interest to recipients' PCs, affording an attractive channel for delivering Internet advertising or other information content.