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Tomato sauce facts:


Our signature, proprietary cheese is crafted from high-quality milk by one of America's finest cheese producers and is not available to any other pizza company. We pride ourselves on using cheese made with 100% mozzarella.


Pizzaland are using the mushrooms; is known in kitchens the world over for its distinctive flavor and hearty texture.

Pizzaland places a very high priority on our customers’ enjoyment of authentic and flavorful high-quality meats on their pizzas. Our beef is made with 100% beef and seasonings, and our sausage is made using 100% pork and seasonings. Our meat suppliers use a unique cooking method, giving our meats a hearty texture and flavor.

The green peppers and onions used on Pizzaland are always crisp and flavorful because they are purchased in local markets and sliced fresh at our restaurants. Pizzaland doesn’t used vacuum-packed, pre-cut vegetables on our pizzas. Only the freshest, best-tasting vegetables are good enough for a Pizzaland