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Elizabeth Swann was stolen by pirates when the Black Pearl stormed Port Royal. More/spoilers She shocked Pintel and Ragetti when she invoked the right of Parley. She also came to Jack and Will’s rescue in the cave at the end.

Governor Swann has served in Port Royal (a colony in the Caribbean) for eight years prior to his daughter being abducted by pirates when they assaulted the town. He loves his daughter and hopes she would consent to marry the young Commodore Norrington.

Commodore Norrington has just been promoted from Lieutenant. Proud of his new rank, but feeling the void of a wife he wished to marry Elizabeth. This promotion throws into sharp relief that which I have not yet achieved – a marriage to a fine woman. You have become a fine woman, Elizabeth.
After Elizabeth was taken by pirates, he went in search of her (though not as rash as Will).

Will Turner is a blacksmith in Port Royal, and son of Bootstrap Bill Turner, is in love with Elizabeth Swann. When she was kidnapped during the invasion of Port Royal, he set off to find her with the help of Jack Sparrow.

Captain Jack Sparrow is a notorious pirate and intelligent man.
Former Captain of the Black Pearl before the mutiny led by his first-mate, Barbossa; he wishes to regain his ship and get his revenge.
More/spoilers He helped Will rescue Elizabeth, though he had an ulterior motive; to regain his ship, The Black Pearl. He used to own it until there was a mutiny, led by his first mate Barbossa.

Barbossa was a high achieving pirate who wished to increase his horizons. He made the pirates of The Black Pearl discontent with their captain (captain Sparrow), and led the mutiny that marooned Jack on an island.

Anna-Maria is one of the few female pirates, and like most, is a very good one. More/spoilers She helped Jack in his endeavor to get The Pearl, even though he had taken her boat. "Borrowed without permission, but every intention of bringing it back" Jack

Ragetti & Pintel are pirates of The Black Pearl. Loyal to their leader, regardless of whom he may be. More/spoilers They were the two responsible for Elizabeth’s abduction.

Mr. Gibbs was in the Royal Navy until he became a pirate, and friend of Jack (if pirates can be called friends :) ).

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