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Counter-Strike Maniacs

Homes | 50 megs


Website has been updated | 11/03/2004 The new website is now out. I have moved it to a new host as the last one was giving me troubles. Also welcome our new member Led and congradulate Forsaken on making xTc... All those from Csm wish him best of luck eventhough we will own xTc!!!

All members musr register themselves at immeadiatly, any queries speak to me.



Clan website up and running | 08/03/2004 I have completed the clan website. All news about the clan and events (eg. clannies) will be posted on the this news page the page will be kept up to date and if anyone would like to post something here pls could you a-mail it to me at



Clannie vs. LOD | 07/03/2004 We played a practise game against LOD today. Although we all played and one the game i'm sure we could have done alot better still. Al we need is to work on some strats which will come with time. Weldone to all those who played. The team was: Godzilla, Ghostfire, Faux, n0va and Erradicate.



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