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I.   776 BC: the first Olympic games

II.   750 BC: Early Greek culture; Homer writes the epics "The Liad" and "The Odyssey"

III.   683 BC: Republicans rule by aristocrats in Athens.

IV.   600 BC: Use of coined money begins.

V.   580 BC: Philosophy and Science begin with Thales and Anaximander

VI.   561~507 BC: Age of Athenian Tyranny.

VIII.   508 BC: Democracy begins in Athens.

VIII.   490~480 BC: Greek defeat Persian invaders at the battles of Marathon and Salamis.

IX.   450 BC: Athens becomes a very powerful city, and controls an empire.

X.   472~410 BC: Greeks theatre thrives in Athens. Many of the most famous Greek plays are written during this time.

XI.   432 BC: The Parthenon in Athena is finished being built; height of Greek civilization.

XII.   431~404 BC: War between Athens and Sparta (clash between Academia and Militarism); Sparta defeats Athens.

XIII.   338 BC: Philip, king of Macedonia, takes control of Greece.

XIV.   146 BC: Rome conquers Greece - Greece becomes part of the Roman empire.