Name: Selma
Age: 13
Sex: female
DOB: May/30/1990
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black with a lil brown
Height: uhh 5'1 i think(preety short)
School: Dr.clark
Residence: yah like I'm tell in u:P
Parents: Who cares?
Siblings: 3 bros ahh...
Pets: some boring fish
Secret Crush: Duh its secret...
First Kiss:I'm 13 so like none
This/That: that
Brunette/Blonde: brunette!
White/Black: black
Kiss/Hug: Kiss
Summer/Winter: summer!
Fall/Spring: Spring!
AF/AE: AF...what?
Saturday/Sunday: Saturday
Candy/Pop: Pop
Ocean/Lake/Pool: Pool
Britney/Christina: Christina!!
Mandy/Jessica: Mandy
BSB/NSYNC:If I had to pick... Bsb
Pop/Punk: Tie!!
Prep/Skater: umm tie lol
Hippie/Goth: Goth
Nerd/Dork: Dork
Purple/Pink: Pink
Dark/Light: light
Boxers/Briefs: boxers
MTV/VH1: Mtv
Food:Fried chicken mmmm..
Drink: root beer
Type of Music:pop/punk
Band/Singer:uhh Band:Evansence Singer:xtina!
Song:Bring me to life (or w/e its called)
Website: Mine!lol umm girland.com
Actor: Ben affleck
Actress: Mandy moore
Relative:uhh what?
Store: Boot Legger
Movie:Lots 2 many for a lazy person like me to put down!
Animal: Monkey!lol
Month & Why: May-my b-day!
Season: spring
Flower: uhh rose?
Quote:I'm Going to draw a picture, A picture with a twist, I'll draw it with a razor blade, I'll draw it on my wrist, And when I've drawn the picture a fountain will appear, It will drain away my troubles, And make them dissapear...
Finger: Middle Lol
Candy: Pixie sticks
Gum: Hubba Bubba
Toothpaste:umm Colgate?
Sex position:um ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.....
Perfume:don't know whats it called..
Cologne: umm I am not a guy..
Shampoo: Pantene smooth ans sleek
Time of Day: evening
Teacher: Ms.macdonald and sum others
Insect:yah I hate em all!
Clothing Item You Own:jeans
~Least Favorite~
Color: brown
Drink:umm dunno
Type of Music:opera
Song:uhh a song from moby lol
Album:Moby album lol
Website:umm anything with porn i hate :S
Store:2 many..
Animal: bear
Month & Why:September-school starts
Flower:uhh dunno
Quote:don't hate me cuz I am beautiful hate me cuz ur boyfriend thinks I am.
Finger: thumb lol
Candy:I like all candy
Sex position:again ewwwwwww.... uhh how about all of them!
Perfume:anything that smells like shit
Cologne:same thing with cologne
Shampoo:any cheap shampoo
Time of Day:morning
Teacher:LOl MANY!
Insect: all of them!
Clothing Item You Own: ugly shirt my dad got me.
~People You Know~
Best Friend:sara and other gurl sarah lol
Hate the Most:U know who you are.....................
Most Attractive:umm no.
Most Unattractive:Me!lol
Funnest:me! Not
Funniest:me O.k I'll shut up..
Meanest:Not enuff time to type all of them.
Nicest:all ma friendz
Loudest:jill.h lol...
Biggest Flirt: Maybe I shouldn't say
Least Flirtatious:me lol dunno
Best Kisser:uhh hpw should I know?
Gives Best Advice:sara!
Most Exciting:yah all my friendz are!
Most Boring:that would be moi...hehe
Stupidest:not tellin
Most Creative:i dunno
Always Argues:LoL They know who they are!
_____iest:Uhhh what?
Most Calm:Britt
Always Angry:Me!
Always Happy:me!
Most Normal:totally not me!
Most WEIRD:another one for me
Best Hair:this is getting anoyying
Best Eyes:ahh
Best Eyebrows:ahh
Best Smile:ahhhh~
Best Ass:My gwd...
Best Nose:uhhhmm
Best Hands:this is gettin lame
Best Fingernails:c'mon!
Best Handwriting:shut up!
Best Skin:ahh!
What is the nicest thing someone has done for you:be my friend
What do you want really bad right now:to finish this thing!~
What do you wish you could change about yourself:lol everything
Anything you regret doing in the past 2 weeks: notin
Anything you are glad happened in the past 2 weeks: uhh nothing
Who are your enemies:all the dumb blondes out htere
Ever being predjudice against someone for color, size, clothes, family, personality, etc: Are you still: uhh nopelol