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Welcome To Ragnarok Underground

Underground Servers

This Private Server is hosted for free service

I hope everyone will participate and enjoy playing this servers!!


Patch 12/20/04

Ragnarok Advance 3

-Added New NPC

-Fixed Advance Classes bug for connection

-More mob Rate

-New Hats Drops and Quest

-New GUI interface

Patch 12/18/04

-Added New Servers (Aero,nuRO)(international Servers)

-Fixed the same server status of all my server (online or offline)


-MVP Ladder implemented

-New Novice Equips

Patch 12/13/04

-Zeny from Mob Implementation

-Added New Map Louyang

-Added New Boss such as Kyo(brother of yuffa ragnarok Animation)

-New Items and skill implementation

-God Item Quest

Patch 12/10/04

-Added Lord Knight,High Wizard Job

-Fixed Firewall Bug

-Added Santa Event in prontera

-Casino Implementation

-Added Alpha JObs

-fixed Server core for Medium stability

Patch 12/01/04

-Added Sniper,Whitesmith Job

-FIxed Wind WAlk Bug

-Fixed Berserk Bug

-Added Christmas Maps

Patch 11/27/04

-Improved Monster Rate

-fixed Drop Buggesd

-New Mini boss Monsters

-Added Alice And Owl Baron As Pet

-New Job Companion Fixed

Patch 11/15/04

-Added New Hat Quest

-Fixed Everyday War Of Emperium

-Fixed Job changer

-New Skills (thug attack,aura flash,tigers chain,etc.........)

-Dragons Lair Implementation

-Partymates Pet implemented

Patch 11/06/04

-Added Magic Scroll NPC

-Added 2-2 Class NPC

-Added Super Novice Job

-New TRaining Ground Updated

-Super Novice fixed to LVL 99 JLVL 99

-Fixed Some Special Weapons

Patch 10/31/04

-Fixes Payon Bugged Warp points

-Lag reduced

-Fixes War of Emperium Bugged time

-Fixes Speed delay

-Removed PK mode (Temporary)

-Added Assassin Cross and High Wizard job

Patch 10/24/04

-Fixes some minor changes through skill

-Fixes some item description and use

-added NefleHeim Map

-Fixes Monster Drop

============Big Thanks to!!=============================================

-eAthena Devs

-aAthena Devs

-Aegis Devs

-Odin Project Devs

-Andz(AndzRO GM)

-Mobcat40(MobRO GM)

-VIdar Devs

-Fusion Devs

-Freya Devs





-Lord Cajen


-And also of course to myself KARL!!! ehehehe ^___^