Alex is a 17 year old procrastinator, although he isn’t the brightest. His straight dark brown hair covers part his ears and eyes. He is wearing a black Rocky Horror show shirt with blue jeans just below the waist. He wears a leather watch in his right wrist for he is left-handed and a choker given to him by his ex. He also loves to joke around with everyone. . Eric stands at 5'9 with neatly trimmed brown hair with a modern cut to it. He is always devoted to work but makes sure to spend time with his family. He is strict with his children most of the time while his wife tends to spoil them. He is only 37 but gets the usual taunt for how old he acts. Him and his wife seem like the average couple but continuously flirt with eachother.((the dad)) Eric has hair up to his ears that covered a bit of his eyes. He is an average looking guy...he was only 17 and specialized in martial arts. He was mostly quiet sometimes too shy. With the training in his martial arts he became tall and fit but not muscular. He wears the school uniform, a white short sleeve blouse with black pants. He has many family members that attend his school but never actually talks to them. Alan looks of the age of 20 but is really centuries old. He could easily adapt to the era...He is wearing mainly black with the exception of his dark blue blouse under his leather jacket. He is a joker but beware if he is hungry...he only feasts on females. He is a very sly guy and not afraid to show it. He smiled with sarcasm, "That's truly hurtful" he scoffed as he let go of her "Being that you couldn’t have been with anyone else..." he moved around her feeling a bit insulted. "And if you were, you wouldn't be looking for a mate right I right?" Alan is a sly one, incubus if you will, only feeding only on females of young appearance. Wearing mainly black, a blazer, shirt, and pants of black. He didn't look a day over 20 which was quite impossible since he was nearly 2 centuries old. He easily adapted to the many generations. (cont) His dark brown eyes light a bright red when angered or irritated causing fear in those who were to see him. His dark brown hair to match lay covering part of his eyes and ears. His usual smile was quiet devious for most of the time he wasn't up to good. To him everything was a game in which he has to win. other Name: Alan Maura (Alan meaning 'Good-looking one' Maura meaning 'Dark' in Greek) Age: Centuries old, 825, looks of a 20 year-old Species: Vampire Appearance and clothing: Alan wears mainly black for he finds it easier to blend in to his usual environment of darkness. Black slacks fitting loosely with a black belt with a silver buckle. A silk collared button-up shirt tucked in. Also a black blazer slight in the back with two fron pocket in which he carries two things; his prized cigarette box filled with the finest brand of cigarettes around and a silver lighter engraved with a gothic type cross. Personality: Alan is a sly one, incubus if you will, feeding only on females of young appearance. He does not disrespect anyone unless he has been. Women are the gift to the world and he will make sure he makes them feel as comfortable as possible and is constantly seducing them with his charm. Dark eyes light a bright red when he is angered or irritated causing fear in those who are around to see him. His brown hair, sits covering parts of his eyes and ears. His usual smile is quiet devious for most of the time he isn't up to good. To him everything is a game in which he has to win. History: Alan has had a long history with 'Hunters'. One in particular keft him with a large scar across his chest. Since then. Alan has been cautious yet playful with them. He never targets them for reasons other than him being terminated. Alan has a sister he cared for dearly but lost her back when he was bitten. He vaguely remembers her for it has been over hundreds of years. She was still a child and he used when he got seperated so he doubts she remembers him if she were alive. Since then he has had a paternal instinct towards children but has never shown it. Eiale Swallow and him met up in a small city. There were as much conflicts between them as there were intimate moments. Alan seemingly fell in love with her but she constantly pushed him to believe it was pure lust. At first Alan was furious at the news that Eiale was pregnant and was deciding to keep the child. As time progressed and the child was born he accepted her and gave the her name Emberlyn Maura. 4 months after the birth of Emberlyn, Eiale and him began to argue and FBI agents were on their way to capture them. Alan, Eiale and Emberlyn got caught in a barrier and fortunately he managed to push Eiale and Emberlyn out of it and only he was captured. He spent 8 months inside of prison constantly tortured for him to talk. Somehow he managed to get out on the his daughter's birthday and set forth to look for his child and Eiale. Eiale wasn't all too happy to see him at first and that upset him and made him want his child even more. Another conflict occured. She admitted she wasn't glad he had returned and he had already decided to live seperately from her. She grew very upset with his actions and stayed with Emberlyn until he could find a stable home for temporary care of Emberlyn. Role-play A tall man stood majestically, as he pulled his blazer and brushed it as he went along his business. "This is going to be loads of fun." he said sarcastically under his breath as he fixed his sleeve. "I could smell this place crawling with vampires. I could smell them miles away." As his dark eyes searched town, he began to feel a bit of hunger. It had been 2 days since his last victim. No girl seemed to please him. He only went in search of young, attractive girls. Their blood seemed to be rich and sweet. Years of experience let him gain this knowledge also, he was just that immature kind of person to prey only on females. He would soon run into someone, he convinced himself as he began walking along the street. Alan was his name. He had just arrived into the city. Was he going to be welcomed? Or would he have to make this place accustomed to him? Either one, Alan wouldn't fail. other Name: Emberlyn Maura ( 'Precious Jewel' in Greek named by Alan) Age: 16 Species: Human soon to be Vampire Appearance and clothing: Emberlyn is into her father's interests. Dark clothing. Dressy materials. Her mother, Eiale, insists on her to wear basic clothes, jeans and such. A silk dress with no sleeves up to her calve with a small petticoat underneath she favors. She wears two different colored stockings; a black and white striped one and a plain white one. Her shoes are simple, black mary-janes. On her neck is a ribbon Alan, her father, gave her as a playful present and now she will not remove. Her looks are very much the same as Eiale's and Alan adores her for them. Her eyes are just like Alan's, deep and dark. Personality: When it comes to attitude Emberlyn was never short. Always with a witty comment she replies when she istold to do something out of her will. Since she spends most of her time with Eiale she has also inherited a stubborn streak in which Alan determines to drive out of her. Emberlyn enjoys times with her father since they have become more rare since Eiale became more protective of her. History: Emberlyn has a history of running away from her mother to go look for her father. He always welcomes her with open arms since he could sense when she is near and goes out of his way to be sure he can greet her. Over the period when his seperation from Eiale and Emberlyn she learned that both still had very strong feelings for eachother. She knows it is her job to bring them back together. other “No title” Alan is a sly one, feeding only on females of young appearance. Wearing mainly black, a blazer, shirt, and pants of black was his simple way of living. He didn't look a day over 20 which was quite impossible since he was nearly 2 centuries old. He easily adapted to the many generations. His dark brown eyes lit a bright red when angered or irritated causing fear in those who were to see him. Meet Pandora. Silvery hair racing down to mid-back, and piercing yellow eyes she frequently disguises with blue contact lenses. Her build is small and, due to lycanthropy, she appears to be only about 19, possibly 20 at most. At all appearances, Pandora looks and acts like a mortal teenager - until she decides to show her wolf side, that is. At any moment she could turn into a black were. Alan roamed around his new home for the night. He traveled far searching for new victims. He didn't speak much with common mortals for he knew they might meet up with him once again. Pandora slunk around in the dark, head down, the green contacts in place. She looked like a young mortal, happily enough, and that's what she pretended to be. He gave a sharp turn noticing a strange presence around. Not mortal, but one thing he could tell it was a female. She paused, lifting her head, scenting the air. "Vampire." She muttered, picking her posture up a bit, keeping on her guard. Alan gave a sly smile as he came around slowly watching her. He leaned against the wall knowing she too had sensed him. He stuck his hands into his pockets. As she squinted, she finally spotted him, swatting her hair impatiently behind her back. "What do you want, blood sucker?" She snapped, keeping her distance. He pushed himself off the wall as he started walking towards her with a devious grin on his face. He was a very proper speaker usually sounding conceded, he couldn't help but to sound like that, just the thought of him bringing terror to someone made his night. She stood her ground; growling in the back of her throat. "Back off, bat brain." She started, unmoving. "Keep your space. We lycans can be very territorial." He smirked "A lycan...interesting, I haven't seen one in a while." he said as he continued to walk forward. "Bat brain? These words truly do hurt, and I have already have had my supper you have nothing to worry about...yet" he said as he took a step forward instantly appearing beside her. Pandora watched him from the corner of her eye, the hair on the back of her neck bristling beneath her hair. "You don't listen, do you? Keep your space." Alan laughed softly "what is the worst you could do to me?" he said as he moved in front of her "Besides, I'm already dead aren't I?" Pandora opened her mouth to object but flicked an eyebrow instead. He got her there. "A claw through your heart?" She suggested. He laughed a bit louder “You mean like a stack through a vampires heart? I'm sorry I'm afraid I have become immune after 3 attempts ending up in failures" She growled again in her throat, narrowing her eyes. "Great, a cocky vampire who we can't kill. Just what the world needs." He laughed "oh, anyone could kill me alright, but I know you wouldn't have the heart to" he said as he removed his hand from his pocket and placed it on her chin lifting it slowly, "Or do you?" The lycan girl frowned and stepped back, mouth partly open. "I'm only allowed to hunt with the pack." She muttered, grimly. "Touchy, touchy..." he joked "Oh, pardon me, I am Alan" he said as he slightly bowed "You might be?" he said as he but his hands back into his pockets. "Pandora." She replied, rolling back her shoulders and lifting her head in a sort of display of dominance. Alan hid his smile from her reaction "Pandora, name sounds familiar..." he said placing his hand under his chin as he pondered.”I just can't put my finger on it" he smiled slyly "The name suits you." She snorted slightly, shaking her head, "It shouldn't sound familiar." She barked, folding her arms. "What do you want, anyway?" He acted hurt "A little company never killed anyone..." "It could." She pointed out, rather bluntly. Alan smiled cleverly "Well, then again..." he took a step forward towards her "Would you kill me? Because I know I wouldn't have the heart to kill you..."a smile slowly grew on his face. Pandora went ridged, glancing at him darkly. "I am only allowed to kill in self defense, or when I hunt." She seemed irritated about that. "Irritable?" he asked as he looked at her while raising an eyebrow She frowned deeply, eyes slightly narrowed. "How could you tell?" He grinned "I'm not sure, just a thought" he said as he turned and looked over her shoulder "Where might one stay by the way?" Pandora shrugged slightly. "I'm on my packs trial for the night, so I'm at an inn down the road." Alan hid his quickly growing grin, "hmm, dangerous to be out this late." he said as he started walking towards the Inn "A lot of strange people" he said as he seemed to disappear as he walked. Pandora rolled her eyes as she trudged after him. "You must be the king of them all." She grumbled in annoyance, reaching the inn. He arrived at the Inn, he searched his pockets as if looking for his wallet, one for which he didn't own. The clerk asked his to come to the back and find a method of paying when he decided another supper would be splendid. He walked out wiping off some excess blood off his chin with his fingertips. He got a key and walked to his room. She was leaning against the counter; noticing the blood. "You vampires sicken me." She grumbled after him. He smiled, "It was either that or seducing her, I thought this would help me stay alive." he said as he passed her coolly and walked to the room number on his key. "You so took the last key." Pandora muttered, more to herself, sliding over the counter in dismay. "By the way, I might be the king...” he joked as he walked outside getting to his room. She scowled. "Trust me, you are. What am I supposed to do?" She demanded. "I can't go back to the pack - I'll fail." He swung the key almost at her face. "Are we roomies?" he mocked. Pandora growled darkly, hands on her hips. "Only because I like my pack." Alan flung open the door almost breaking out into a laugh. "What do you bed, no couches..." "You are so annoying. So you can sleep on the floor." Came her decision. He raised an eyebrow, "I see you to have a sense of humor" He removed his blazer putting it on the counter inside. "I deserve a well nights rest. 200 years of sleeping outside and upside down isn't fun" he said as he sat on the bed removing his shoes getting ready to sleep. "But then again, a lady should never sleep on the floor." "I'd rather sleep on the floor than with a vampire." She muttered harshly - looking longingly at the bed. "I wouldn't bite..." he said as he looked at her innocently. "I doubt that." She responded as she sat the edge of the bed and unlaced her boots. "I'll be sure of it" he stood up and closed the curtain. "I wonder who will find her." She shrugged slightly. "Don't know, but I'll be sure to tell my pack there’s a vampire roaming." She stated slyly, lying down flat on her back, slipping off her cloak, revealing a corset and flowing black skirt. Alan turned to look at her and couldn't help but get aroused "You wear this all the time?" "Mm," Pandora replied, yawning slightly. "Not just for you, so don't feel special." He slipped his hands into his pockets to prevent himself from doing something. "I'm assuming you are sleeping with me.” "Near you, not with you." She corrected, crawling slightly so she straightened herself along the bed. He scoffed "I might have to disagree" he said as he walked to his side of the bed. Pandora raised an eyebrow, defiantly. "Gonna prove me wrong, blood breath?" "I just might" he said as he sat down facing her with an evil grin. She couldn't help but tremble slightly; glaring weakly at him. "You’re sick." "Something wrong?" he said as he leaned back on the bed "Yeah you, horribly." She muttered, shifting awkwardly in her clothes. He laughed, "Aaw, are you that scared of me?" he continued to mock. "I'm not scared!" She snapped, sitting up to face him, forgetting how un-threatening she looked in her chosen clothes. He smirked, "Mm-hmm, hiding your fear doesn't always work" he said as he slouched down. Pandora glowered at him, playing with the laces in front of her corset in slight irritation. "What's the matter?" he said as he reached for a lace "Irritated again?" Pandora watched his hand, suspiciously. "A bit." She muttered, tilting her head back. Alan wrapped it around his finger as he pulled it towards him "But not a lot?" She shrugged slightly. "No." She muttered, as his lace came undone. "Still...scared?" he said as he pulled another lace pulling her down as well. Pandora didn't reply at first, finding herself hovering on top of him. With a slight shoulder movement, the corset slipped off. "No." "I wonder why?" he said he moved forward kissing her. She hesitantly kissed back, tongue flicking against his lips. It felt so...odd. Lycan and vampires generally fought...but... He ran his hand on her back as his tongue began to message hers. His hand stopped at the lining of her skirt as he began to play with it. She shuddered slightly, pressing a hand against his chest. The other hand slid down to his pants, tugging pointedly. Alan smirked under the kiss as he began to slip off her skirt with both of his hands. He slid more down the bed making it easier for her. Pandora shivered involuntarily as she pulled his pants off, slipping them off the side. He brought one hand behind her neck as he continued to kiss her passionately. With the other he pulled off her corset. She returned the kiss, hungrily. One leg spread slightly away, snaking about his waist. Pulling the skirt off successfully, he put both hands on the sides of her breast running them down slowly to the sides of her hips pulling her closer to him. She pulled back from the kiss, biting her lip, unsure, suddenly. Relaxing, forcefully, she let him pull her closer. Pandora moaned softly in longing, biting it back. "Stop." She muttered, quietly. "I'm supposed to hate you." He smirked, "I never said you should stop hating me." Pandora shivered slightly; a hand flat on his chest. "Don't make me do something I'll regret." "Regret?" he said with a sarcastic tone, "Why do you have to hate me?" he said as he looked her straight in her eye getting ready to trance her. The lycan's yellow eyes blazed defiance. "I am a lycan; you are a vampire. Generally, we hate each other." She hissed pointedly, nails curving as she willed on the change - that happened when she wanted, but also when excited. He put his hands to his side and pushed himself up. "But who will find out?" he kissed her trying to get her to forget about the situation. She slithered off him. "My pack will smell you on me, in me." She snapped, crouched between his legs. He shook his head "Pandora it is pointless, my scent is already on you..." Pandora snarled, rubbing her arms as if trying to rid the scent. "Then I'm never going to mate, because of you." She growled. He turned away as he laughed "Tu seras mia" he chanted pulling on his pants. "Somehow I have a feeling you won't stay with your pack." Narrowing her eyes she moved to the side, searching for her corset. "I’m a lycan." She pointed out, as if that explained everything. He smiled slyly "are you leaving as well?" "No. I'm sleeping. Keyword: sleeping." Pandora grumbled; pulling on the leather skirt and lacing the front of her corset pulling it tight. He scoffed "It was...almost a pleasure 'Pandora' " he said emphasizing her name he put on his blazer and walked out. Rolling her eyes she pulled the blanket over her head; closing her eyes tight. He walked out a bit angry, when he found the key in his pocket. He smiled devilishly thinking of what he could do. Pandora kept under the blanket; at all appearances asleep. Anyone who knew lycans though could tell the girl was aware of her surroundings - the way she was partly curled, her head over her arms. He decided to leave her alone for the night. He threw the key out to the pool and walked out of the inn. He lowered his head and in a quick movement of a hand he transformed without a sound. She emerged from beneath the blankets, lying on her back. Tilting her head to the side, she peered listlessly out of the window. He flew into the forest and hung on a tree branch when he felt his stomach rumble, he was getting hungry again. It was almost dawn he needed to find someone soon before many people were around. There was a girl, obviously mortal, around the age of 18. She moved nervously through the forest; apparently lost - waves of curly brown hair hung to mid-back as she moved. He let himself drop, turning into his mortal form before hitting land. A bright red glow struck from his eyes suddenly. He smiled and followed the scent of the young girl. The girl turned; jumping at the outline of the man; biting her lip. "Hello? Sir...? Can you tell me how to get back into town?" Her voice was a squeak as she fought to keep her nerves in control. He didn't say one word as he approached her. He walked coolly making his walk look casual. He finally reached her he smiled exposing a glimpse of his fangs as he reached for her neck and feasted. This ritual was so common for him he no longer felt remorse for anyone. The girl was drained and lifeless within minutes; her limp form heavy on his mass - large brown eyes still wide in shock. He sucked the remainder of blood trickles from his mouth as he began to walk off again. He began to calculate his feast for the day, 5 young women, the people would notice a pattern he needed to leave now, but not before saying good bye to Pandora. Pandora had fallen into a light sort of sleep; lying curled like a dog, her head pointed in the direction of the hotel's door. Any sound could wake her; any scent make her twitch. Alan quickly came in sight of the Inn. Within no time he shifted quietly to her door. People could merely see a blur when he moved like this. He opened the door wanting for her to wake up, that was what he was there for. Pandora's nose twitched, then she sneezed, the scent of him and blood combined smelling odd to her sensitive nose. Recovering herself, her eyes flashed open, glaring, as per usual. With one hand in his pocket he walked into the room and into the bathroom, that girl's blood was bitter, not like others. He got some water and cleaned most of it out of his mouth. He walked back to Pandora, "morning" he said breaking the silence as he leaned on the door. "What do you want?" She muttered, throwing the blankets off her, tightening herself and her clothes. "Again with this hatred" he mocked "To say good-bye" he said as he crossed his arms. "Bye, then." She stated in mock cheerfulness, sliding off the bed. He squinted with one eye and tilted his head slightly "Well, you for one know it's not easy to get rid of me." The lycan folded her arms across her chest, raising an eyebrow. "You’re the one who came to say good-bye." "I came for a good-bye something..." he said smiling his usual sly smile Pandora's eyes narrowed. "I can smell female on you - you obviously get your pick. Why chase me?" He laughed "You’re my pick then." The lycan snorted; "Why want what you can't have?" "The fact that I could get it." he smirked Her eyebrow rose higher; her mouth forming a thin line. "Keep dreaming, fangs." "Why I haven't trance you is beyond me, maybe I like a challenge." Pandora rolled her eyes slightly, frowning. "You try anything on me, I swear, I'll rip you apart with my jaws." "Try me." he said as he stood up straight in front of her. Pandora growled slightly, lunging for him, teeth sharpened, snapping for his neck. He smirked as he moved forward to put her off. "Come on Pandora, I won't hurt." Her eyes glittered as she hunched slightly before him; teeth bared, claws forming from nails. He looked at her with his hands in his pockets now "Calma, bestia" he chanted as he looked her in the eyes. "Basta." She swayed slightly, claws shrinking back into nails, teeth returning to a humanoid shape. She stood straighter, watching him. He smiled "Good Bye Pandora." he said as he moved forward and kissed her for the last time. Her eyes were dulled; but she still reacted - in a different way than she would have. Her lips moved in response; returning the kiss, deeply. He broke the kiss as he pulled a lace becoming untied. He devious smile grew as he reached for the doorknob. The lace slithered to the ground; her fingers instinctively pulling the other one. "Leaving so soon?" She muttered lowly. "No." he said as he locked it he moved forward and reached her and kissed her again pushing her slowly to the bed. Obviously, Pandora had finally fallen under his spell - and wolven instincts had picked up where the calming had left off; an animalistic lust. She moved back towards the back; her tongue pushing into his mouth. He moved forward as he removed his blazer tossing it to the side as he wrapped his arms around her, he returned the kiss along with his tongue. She continued moving backwards to the bed, hands running up his chest slowly before one moved to her corset, pulling it off, dropping it to the floor. He pulled her close to him as they hit the edge of the bed. He let his shoes fall to the floor as he hovered over her body. He decided to tease her neck. She shivered involuntarily; pale skin crawling as one hand hooked her skirt, yanking it down by her ankles. He un-tucked his shirt and removed his belt as he started to pull down his pants. He moved from her neck to her lips again. He gently sucked on her bottom lip. He opened his eyes as he looked at her naked form. She writhed slightly; briefly uncomfortable before her dimmed mind demanded relaxation. Letting her canines sharpen, she bit his upper lip, playfully, as her hand traveled to his pants, helping in taking them off. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it off as he reached to turn off the light. He ran his hand from in between her breasts to her stomach wanting to her quiver. He smiled as did this slowly. Her lips parted in a groan of lust, her sharp teeth gritting against each other as she shuddered, one leg arching up about his waist. He put one hand one her leg running it down to her hip. He positioned himself closer to her and thrust himself in her abruptly. Her back arched violently; a gasp escaping her sharply as she did so. Wolven eyes finally closed as her hand traveled up his chest, rubbing. He lowered his head as he began slowly moving getting her used to him. His smiled grew as he blushed from the moment. He leaned forward placing one hand near her stomach. A rumbling growl, husky in its own way, was produced from the back of her throat as his hand touched her stomach - her lupine mind instantly thinking danger, as the stomach is vulnerable. Unable to do anything she moaned softly hips thrashing briefly before rocking with his movements. He moaned once before gritting his teeth to hold them in. He pinched his eyes shut and opened to look at her in pleasure. Slowly and steady was his pace. He removed his hand from her stomach and placed it beside her, on the bed, to hold him up as he managed to kiss her again. She growled softly; teeth grazing his lips before she returned the kiss, heavily - one hand resting on his back, the other on his chest, still. He gradually changed his pace, wanting to hear her in pleasure. He began thrusting faster, little by little harder. Her nails dug into his back as she growled a moan, head tilting back; eyes shut as her hips were taken along for the ride. He began to pant heavily as the speed changed. He unwrapped her leg around him and pushed both of her legs a bit further apart. He was growing tired but determined to not stop till he reached climax. Her moans and growls grew louder with each thrust; the speed and roughness driving her senses wild. Her nails curved from the excitement, slashing carelessly at his back as she howled; crying out her pleasure. He smiled and gave a small laugh as he felt the pain on his back. He didn't mind. He was almost at his peak, when he gave in and began to stop. His pants grew heavier as he pulled himself out. He let himself drop to the side of her. Pandora shuddered, writhing awkwardly on the bed beside him, knees curling to her chest, golden eyes flashing open. Claws retracted, teeth dulled, and she sighed softly; kissing his neck. He felt a bit of pain, he hadn't let out. He lay there looking almost lifeless with a heavy pant slowly fading. The lycan slowly seemed to 'come too' in a sense, the defiance returning to her eyes. A glare slowly took form as she peered at him, in disbelief. "...oh god." He sat up leaning forward trying to catch his breath as he heard her he turned, "You're senses are back..." he said a bit eligible. After a moment of trying to decipher what he said, she glanced at herself, breathing in - the scent of lust and sex was strong. Coughing, she groaned, angrily. "Realized." His smile returned, "Yes?" he said as he stood and picked up his clothes. "I must say, I like that other side to you better." "You would." She grumbled, rubbing the inside of her leg before standing gruffly. "I can't believe I just ruined my life - with / you /” He smiled again as he pulled his pants up. "Calma" he said quietly to calm her down "It's not like I did it against your will..." "Well you - you did something to me." She snapped, glaring, forgetting how un-terrifying she looked...naked. "I love the certainty in your voice" he said as he reached for his shirt. "If it would please you, I didn't come inside you" he said as he began to button his shirt. She relaxed slightly, running her tongue over her teeth, tilting her head. "Pity you." She stated dryly; noting the fact she couldn't taste anything...odd. He looked her in the eyes as he reached for his shoes near the edge of the bed. "What? What are you doing?" he said as he says he doing strange gestures with her mouth. "Making sure you didn't come anywhere else." She muttered, sitting on the bed once again. He raised an eyebrow in a surprised way. "No, I didn't, and you didn't have to go near me in that way." He finished putting on his shoes and now his blazer was left. "Calma" he repeated as he moved forward and kissed her passionately "Good-bye Pandora" he said quietly to her. She kissed back, briefly, before pulling back, looking at him. "So." She muttered. "After ruining my life, you’re going to leave me?" A smile grew "I thought you wouldn't want anything to do with me after this...I guess I was wrong…" She sneered, darkly. "Wolves mate for life." She spat, "And with your scent all over me, I won't be able to get near a lycan without getting attacked." His smirked started to fade. "pity...blame me." "I have, and most likely always will." Pandora stated, bluntly. "Ha" he managed to get out; for once he didn't have anything to say. "You know, my trances don't work on ones who have no attraction towards me" he scoffed "What does that tell me?" Pandora blinked; then glowered, crossing her legs. "That you’re decent looking; and when a lycans in heat they'll think anything’s attractive?" He gave her a sarcastic look "You are not in heat" Pandora grunted slightly, shaking her head. "How do you know?" He laughed "Males would be flocking you right now..." he looked at her still in the nude. He removed his blazer and tossed it to her. Catching his blazer, she slid it over her form, scowling. "You flocked, didn't you?" She pointed out, predictably. "It's in my nature" he said sarcastically Rolling her eyes, she laid on her stomach, watching him. "Better get used to sticking with just me." She muttered, rolling onto her back, looking up at him, "Or I might get jealous." His face turned serious. "Right," he said with a tone of uncertainty. “I really should be leaving now" She rolled onto her stomach, crouching, watching him. "No, sorry, like I said, Wolves mate for life; you’re mine until either of us dies. Oops, look at that. We're immortal." Chapter 3 His expression went blank, he hadn't thought of that. He lowered his head in thought, '200 years, and now I have to settle down?' he sighed breaking his concentration. "Fine, if we aren't leaving I'm going to take a shower and take use of this place." Pandora smirked; teeth bore crudely. At least she had managed to ruin someone's life; A vampire’s, no less. "Fine, fine." She stated loftily, rising as she searched for her clothes. His usual smile came back "Why don't you join me..." he said as he unbuttoned his shirt, walking into the bathroom. "Keep dreaming, vampire." She snapped from the bedroom, slipping off his blazer as she reached for her corset. He laughed "Que sera, sera" he chanted as he tapped the door shut. Rolling her golden eyes, she pulled on her skirt, lacing the front of her corset and pulling it tight. Then she sat on the bed, waiting. He decided to take a long time. He couldn't do much during the day, the sun weakened him badly. Since he would stay behind so would she. He knew it would all work out. Pandora sprawled across the bed like a dog, one arm and leg draped over the side as she buried her head in her pillow. "I hope you know you ruined my life." She called out to him - knowing she probably had done the same to him. Ah well. She was more important. He could hear her loud and clear "It is getting a bit old, why not have fun?" He said as he changed the water temperature to steaming hot. "I myself have decided to stay loyal..." or so he said. "Yeah, right." Pandora muttered, slinking towards the bathroom door, leaning near it. "And I'm a vegan." He nearly broke down laughing "A lycan? A VEGAN?!" he cleared his throat and stayed serious "I respect your decision then" he mumbled something "how could you hunt if your a vegan? I'm wondering if you really are a pup either than a lycan." The lycan rolled her eyes, defiantly. "Sarcasm, dear." She spat, swiping the bathroom door with curved nails. "Sarcasm my a.." he said as she scratched the door accidentally opening it... "Don’t hurt your nails darling" he said with a cold tone. Pandora growled at him; teeth once again bore. "Don't make me bite you." She grumbled, narrowing her eyes. He smiled "Bite me…" he said rebelling against her. Pandora snarled, lifting her hand palm up. "My pleasure," She snapped, her mouth contorting into a muzzle as she started to change. Shedding her clothes quickly; black fur raced over her. Soon enough she stood a hulking half-wolf, three silver marks on her muzzle, teeth bared, tail bristling. He looked at her over the stall. "Aren't we the cutest thing?" he said teasing. "Pandora, cer humano ahora!" he chanted as he went back to his shower. Pandora snarled; trying to resist, but found her body shrinking as the fur and muscle receded. And again she stood, naked, and quite angry. He had his face to the shower head as he turned to her, "Funny, you actually did pose a threat to me for a bit" he said with a serious tone. "My offer still stands" he smirked breaking the silence. Pandora folded her arms across her bared chest. "Oh please; go anywhere near a lusty vampire?" She snorted her amusement. He turned facing away from her as he moved off the stall "You did before." "Please." Pandora muttered. "You couldn't handle me without your stupid spells." "I'd like to see that," He scoffed "Although, I know it's all talk." A thin eyebrow rose, amused. "Oh really?" He spit out the water that accumulated in his mouth, "Why not? I've dealt with pups more ferocious than you." She snarled, irritably, advancing towards his vague outline. "Oh, please, honey, you haven't seen what I can do." "Why not have that attitude elsewhere?" he said as smirked slyly thinking the very opposite of a fight. Pandora growled lowly as she slipped into his stall, grinning wickedly. "Who says I don’t." An immediate blush came to his face as she walked in "You're such a tease" he said trying to stay on top. The lycan found a smirk fly across her face. She also found she would enjoy torturing him, in the teasing way. A husky growl was emitted from her throat as she took a slow step forward. "That’s me." He didn't move he couldn't really see with all of the steam around them until she moved forward. "Never thought you'd have it in you" he said almost to a whisper. Her skin crawled down her spine as she cursed herself for going near a vampire. Again. But...the animalistic need had surfaced. "You don't know me." She muttered one hand on his hip by now. "I guess I don’t” he said a bit louder as he moved forward. He leaned forward and kissed her neck gently hoping to arouse her. She shuddered involuntarily as she leaned into his kiss, closing her eyes briefly. Swallowing her hate she moved closer; running a hand along his chest. He smiled as he moved forward and kissed her lips. "Your pride is shot, this is the real thing and you know you want it." he whispered. He brought his hands to her waist and squeezed a bit as he lowered them. Pandora snorted slightly, muttering against his lips, "When I want it I take it from anyone." And letting her hand fall down, sliding to his back. He laughed softly "Then why fight it?" He said as he pressed against her. "Because I'm territorial." She muttered, biting the rim of his ear. "You smell like several different women." He smiled, "No one has been able to please me as you do," he said as he shifted down and slipped inside her. "You're the very first..." he whispered. "Lucky me..." She muttered to him as he hips crashed into his; a soft moan of longing passing her lips. He picked her up from her rear as he thrust once painfully. "...very" he said with his eyes pinched. The water seemed to be getting hotter as he lifted her causing him to arch his back. Her mouth partly opened as she groaned louder; one hand on his shoulder, her eyes closed. He bit one lip as he motioned up and down slowly. He moaned as he called out her name. Pandora groaned, nails hardening and curving, digging into his back. Her back arched, thrusting her body into his; offering herself to him. He felt her nails digging into him causing him pain; he sucked in air between his teeth as he thrust into her harder to eliminate the pain on his back. Pandora made a sound short of a howl; screaming her painful pleasure via the lupine sound. He let out a yell for he couldn't hold it in any more; he came inside her as he continued to push into her. Pandora snarled and moaned at roughly the same time, her hips thrashing, crashing violently, as she reached her climax. He air became thicker as he started breathing through his mouth heavily. He started slowing down and his forceful thrust became gentle again. Pandora groaned, her body recovering a normal pose as her tongue flicked at his neck, lapping off the water. He smiled as he closed his eyes again. He went to a stop and smoothly slipped out of her as he put her down. Pandora nearly slid on the wet floor before balancing herself, glancing at him with those emotionless yellow eyes, judging. The water dripped from his face onto her as he still breathed heavily with a slight blush. He hadn't let go of her completely though, he felt a sense of security with her. Pandora shook her head to clear some of the water, yawning slightly, mocking. "I've had better." He smiled with sarcasm, "That's truly hurtful" he scoffed as he let go of her "Being that you couldn’t have been with anyone else..." he moved around her feeling a bit insulted. "And if you were, you wouldn't be looking for a mate right I right?"
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