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If you have connections
Here are just a few ways to consider Marketing the Foot Eze:

Target Market is:
Any one who has ever said
"My Feet are KILLING me
I'm Stressed Out
Is a potential buyer
Thats EVERYONE !!!

The Armies Of the Entire World

Cruise ships and Hotel Chains as an honor bar item
That means if the passenger / guest uses it
they get charged for the item

Assistive Living / Retirement Elderly Care Homes

Health Care catalogs

Direct Sales

Miscellaneous Item Catalogs

Shoe Stores

Beauty Salons

Maternity Stores


As a Fund Raising incentive
in exchange for a donation
to help put the cause on Solid Footing

TV and Magazine ads

Sunday News Supplements
Of Course the internet

The potential is ONLY limited by
YOUR own marketing aggressiveness and abilities