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Losing Lisa


It's My Life

1)5 in the morning Itís five in the morning and Iím dead to the world, I look out of my skin and notice there I curled. My room is empty my heart is all gone, Iím sitting here like always, in a chess game a pawn. I make my own choices and live them I do, But no one else cares, it doesnít matter to you. So I lose what Iíve just won a friend of all times, Instead I get nothing but my bed full of spines. Here I sit lonely but by my own fault, Iím sorry I forgot and Iím sorry for the halt. Someday Iíll get better, I promise I will, There now Iíve said it and I suppose it didnít kill. Iíll think of you often and keep those thoughts still, For I have to pretend that feelings arenít real. I needed to sit here and write out these words, It was all I could do for what youíd just heard. So time ticks by slowly but too often I fear, God I feel helpless a feeling so drear. So dear to my young heart that feels older each day, Iím sorry if I hurt you at all in any sort of way. Iíll lay down real soon, and dream of the cold dark, The dark that surrounds me no matter who harks. Goodnight and Iím sorry is all I can think, I ended it all with a cry and a wink. No actions were needed Iíd messed up Iím sure, But maybe tomorrow wonít remind me; Iím cured. So feeling so sick and so crumbled inside, I think Iíll go lie down for my feelings to abide. Goodnight world of darkness and thoughtlessness for sure, Iíve ended my ranting in nothing but a blur. 2)Dreamers we areÖ Dreamers of all dreams we are, Sneaking out from the night; Don't become attached as you are, For love knows only fight or flight... Dreamers of the night we are, We think that love will last; Learning as the morning star appears, What was known is now but past.... Dreamers of the sacred we are, Coming from the unknown; Climbing out of oracles for chance, And stealing hatreds clone. Dreamers of all skies we are, Remembering things all lost; Drowning in what used to be you, Your lovers thus accost. 3)Dreams Made Just for Me And so I say goodnight to you, within my usual way, Sweet dreams be yours for always and every other day. Sweet dreams that keep you happy for longer than a year, Sweet dreams that keep me near you, or so it might appear. And then the morning hits you, and I see you once again, With a smile on my face, a hello on my lips, the day will then begin. Beginning of the sunshine that shall keep you always smiling, Beginning of the blue skies that shall keep your work from piling. And then I sit alone and ponder a common thought or two, And then I finally realize all my wishes are thrown to you. Wishes blowing on the wind of dreams that forever cannot be, Wishes that keep me happy still and dreams made just for me.