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About The Artists


So far we have three artists:

Jake Dee Ozwald

Cameron Waterhouse

Gavyn Holt

Gavyn Holt attends king Edward PS, with all the other artists(Jake and Cam) Next year he will attend central high school. Gavyn satrted the video Half Pipe Tournement later finished with Jake they both worked on it even more.

Cam Waterhouse attends King Edward PS as well as Gavyn,hes lazy and he enjoys playing his xbox and doing stuff on his computer,his first and fairly good video it The Rocket, 5 4 3 2 1 blast off.

Jake Dee Ozwald is the founder of Deemon Entertainment the worst one we have is Fart was based on a comic he drew.Other videos. Jake extended the extended version Half Pipe Tournement Now you can shoot the judges we will probly be extending it even more. Arrow Head and A stupid Man Walk. Him and Cam worked on video called NOYES