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Check out New Grounds for wicked games and movies. Most of them are made with flash. If you have flash and have some talent definetely try submitting it to the site.

We used angel fire to make our site but if you are looking to make a small site it is free. But if you are interested in making a full site with custom address. Its as low as $4.95/ a month.Definetely check that out if you want to make website for yourself. And they also have games and movies.

Stick Figure Death Theatre or SFDT is a great place to watch stick figures get killed and there games where you can kill them too. Some of the animations will blow your mind.

Interactive virtual hotel, yes we are talking about habbo hotel, its a fun site and highly addictive if you take a liking to it . You have furnitutre and your own room. You can trade furni with other habbos. There things called rares, there furni that is rare, DUH. Its Fun.