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God was a wondrous ocean of Light called love. In this Great Ocean of God there were millions and millions of drops of light that were all fast asleep. And because they were asleep they had no idea how magnificient and shining God was. Each and Every drop was a tiny part of the great ocean of God. Each little drop of Light was called a soul. One of those little drops in you!

After a while God willed the creation. He sent forth a wondrous luminous wave of sound and light from his own being and made the entire creation from it. The creation was majestic and beautiful but there were no living things in it to enjoy it. The sould is what makes the body alive and able to jump and run and swim and fly: when the soul's part in the play is finished, the sould leaves the body costume, then the body dies, and no longer lives, breathes or moves. But the soul never dies! Your soul is a radiant drop God so the real you lives for ever.

Talk to God, Feel Him shining inside you, loving you and giving you all the strength you need to play the part He gave you, conrageously and well. This is called faith in God. If you will always remember Him and have faith in Him, you will be happy inside yourself, no matter what happens in his play of "LIFE".

When the Lord wants one of his souls to come back Home. He makes that person feel lonely deep inside, like something is missing. This is the Great Lord's special way of reminding the soul that its Real Home is not in this world but back in the ocean of Light. God has placed an invisible secret door in every human being. God sends his own Great Power, Mercy and Love down into our world to find the marked soul drops and bring them back Home. This Great Power is called a True Living Master and lives inside a human body that looks like yours and mine. He makes a faithful promise to take the soul back Home. He shows that person how to close his eyes, sit very still and lovingly remember the Great Lord. His mind becomes so peachful and quiet that he is able to hear the wondrous wave of sound and seek the shining light of the stream that flows all the way back to Ocean of the Lord.

One day the secret opens, revealing the hidden path within: Thrilled, the soul steps across the threshold, into the starry sky of an amazing new world. The Master's dazzling Form made of nothing but the stream of sound and light! Off in the distance.... the welcoming lights of Home! Over flowing with love and longing for God, the soul rushes on, until it arrives on the very door step of God. Himself and then in a flash of light the door opens! And the Master lifts the soul drop backup into the ocean of light where it lives in the happiness, peace and bliss of the Great Lord God forever and ever.

Thanks fo Victoria Jones for writing The Journey of The Soul RADHA SOAMI SATSANG BEAS PUNJAB INDIA.

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