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In 1981, Alyce K. Lyne became a partner and joined her father. Sadly William C. Lyne passed away in 1996. Today, importers want greater control and less risk when purchasing overseas. They need assistance with the Incoterms, letters of credit and freight services. Exporters recognize that it is important to take "customs" out of customer service. More exporters are selling on a "delivered duty paid" basis. They require foreign customs services. Recent changes in the Customs legislation of the United States of America and Canada create increased risk for importers. Both countries have moved from "Informed Compliance" to "Enforced Compliance", based on audits and stiff penalties for all infractions. In 2000, due to growing demand from our customers, Harte & Lyne Limited established an office in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. As an International Trade Advisor, Harte & Lyne Limited's services aim to make international trade as simple as a domestic transaction in the eyes of our clients.

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International Trade Specialists Canadian Customs Brokers International Freight Forwarders Commodity Tax Consultants Export Trade Consultants Marine & Transit Insurance Agents International Air Transportation Association (IATA) Agents Electronic Commerce Consultants Internet Commerce Consultants and Providers The Harte & Lyne Trade Service Centre is your one stop information site for details on trade with and from Canada. We continually provide new and revised information concerning United States of America, Canadian and Mexican government regulations, transportation services, trade restrictions; Canadian International Trade Tribunal, North American Free Trade Agreement Review Panel, World Trade Council decisions and trade rulings; and Customs Co-operation Council commodity classification rulings.