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Welcome to
Lake Averne
Home of the Siren

I do consider this site still in its formative stages. I am building it slowly and
piecing it together page by page. The pages listed below are the only ones so far
that are complete enough to share.

Be forewarned: Many of them are picture-heavy.

The Morbidity Writing Contests

The Phantom of the Opera Books

My comprehensive library of
all cover artwork and illustrations
in the published Phantom universe

Pictures of my Phantom
Merchandise Collection/Shrine

What three Phan-girls will do in their spare time

The Phantom of the Opera black&white silent philm

Pictures of me and
Janna from the dragshow in Jersey, which we WON!
(July, 2002. Woo! I got to be Christine!)
If this link is not working, it is due to issues on Janna's site, not mine. Try it again later!

The Scorpion
My Phantom of the Opera fiction

My Live Journal

My "Which Christine are You" quiz!
(Last I checked, this quiz has been taken 14235 times!!)

If you borrow any images from anywhere on my site, don't forget to credit me.

This is my first attempt at putting together any kind of webpage, and I'd really like
to know what you think about it or about anything at all I've shared with you here,
so please sign if you would be so kind!

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