BS Method

Members Section

Chapter 1 What is The BS Method?
Chapter 2 What is BS Method effective for?

How can you become alpha by BS Method?

Who decides you are a frustrated chump?

Chapter 3 What do you have to do from now on?
Chapter 4 Analysis of curing the frustrated chump
Chapter 5 BS Method supplemental rules
Chapter 6 The role of those who become alpha male
Chapter 7 The difficulties when you practice BS Method

When you feel BS Method is easy

Chapter 8 BS Method's opinion of other methods
Chapter 9 Signs of improvement in the chump
Chapter 10

How long does it take for recovery?

Difficulty of curing the chump

The only way to cure the chump

Chapter 11 What does being an chump feel like?
Chapter 12 What does being an alpha male feel like?
Chapter 13 The Alpha Male Moment
Chapter 14 Flashbacks to the chump world
Chapter 15 Variation on the cure process
Chapter 16 Frequent misunderstandings of Recovering Chumps
Chapter 17 Fundamental problems of chumps
Chapter 18 The Alpha World versus the Chump World
Chapter 19 The BS Method Missions
Chapter 20 Real Courage
Chapter 21 Other Concepts for after BS Method
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