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Hello all. I thank you for coming to my site and I do hope that you enjoy it. This page was made for a number of reasons. One of them is to give me something to do and hopefully something to do that will help me continue in my life and help my girlfriend also. Another factor is that hopefully through helping me I can help others. Though the other two are important the most important factor for me is helping my girlfriend. Her family is not the best in the world and have let her go without such things as eye glasses and dental work. More will be revealed in the pages on my site and more and more will be revealed later and later as things hopefully improve. Sorry for the banner ads but Angelfire requires them and I don't have the money to buy my own domain name.

I am also going to offer anyone that donates $5 or more website linkage for 2 months. If you donate $10 and wish it, then you will have 4 months linkage etc.

If you would like to request custom art, poetry, talk to Ashleigh or myself, or anything of that nature you can reach us at