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Kans & Fin & S & Est & Ltu & Mva, EstV-01, LtuV-03

Chic Choix Grande Diva

synt. 1.7.2000

i. Kans & Fin & S & N & Est & Ltu Mva, LtuV-03

Chic Choix Arc-En-Ciel

e. Chic Choix Zephyrine Noire

Näyttelyarvostelu Skellefteå 20.4.2002 Terry Thorn:

Pleasing fem. head. Nice eyes, ears and muzzle. Good straight front. Well used neck. Ideal body, chest and ribs. Good topline and rear angulations. Correct tailset and carrige. Lovely muscular condition. Fairly good movements both ends.



(isä: Ardiffery Touch Of Magic)

Chic Choix Reine De Beaute (n)


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