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My Favorite People

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Gir: I loveded you piggy, I LOVEDED YOU!!!
Gir: Aw! Your to smart for me!! Keif was planning a party for you cause he loves you! HE LOVES YOU! THAT KID LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
Gir: I'm making the cake!
Gir: You are no commander, you are a threat to the mission! Your methods are stupid, your intellegence is stupid, your progress has been STUPID! For the sake of the mission, you must be terminated!
Gir: Hes gettin' eaten by a shark.
Gir: Aw, I wanna watch the scary monkey show!
Zim: I am a normal human worm baby!
Zim: Eh?!
Zim: Yes yes, thats fascinating.
Zim: Dumb like a moose dib, dumb like a moose!!!
Zim: I need these moneys for my nutritions!
Dib: Deep down I'm balonga?
Dib: Thats just stupid.
Dib: Im not gonna sit back and watch the things he do!
Dib: You were just aliens though
Dib: I do not have a big head!
~ Gaz
Gaz: Things he do?! WHATS YOUR PROBLEM?!
Gaz: Your weirder then usuall...
~ Tak
Tak: Birds sing, and, YOUR GONNA PAY!
Tak: Mimmy!
~ Misc.
Marzoid: Hello pilot, How ya doin?
Zim: Gir hold onto something!* gir holds himself*
Purple Tallest: Where was I? Oh yeah! HUH!? HUH!?
Purple(again): Its advanced.
Purple(again!!): And these "humans", they're tall, yet stupid?
you never knew me or how i felt. i hope you learn to love me.