| Visual Aid - Scene One | : The scene opens out as you see the new signee of the CWF Johnny "The Show" Cain with his girlfriend "Shining Star" Kristi Conners as they are getting standing backstage at a CWF House Show given the greenlight to do a debut promo as well as cut a Xplosion promo on his current Xplosion opponents Kris Krimzon and Kurt Angle, Johnny taks a sip out of his water bottle and begins to smile as he says ..

Johnny " The Show " Cain : You know I am not standing here to bring on my life story about wrestling and what other feds I have been in and what championships I have held, cause quite frankly that means abso-fucking-lutely nothing when you come to a new promotion, now it is not secret that I tried hooking up with the most known faction in this business and I extended my hand to serve the man known as "Hollywood" .. but he and his other curtain jerking buddies thinl I need to prove something to the New World Order .. "The Show" does not need to prove shit to anyone, everyone needs to prove something to me .. you see it's not the normal routine .. it is the other fucking way around. Now enough about those losers the New World Order, because right now they are not worth my breath to speak their faction name and who is in it, I just might make them famous and guide marks to them. Now onto something more interesting .. something far more important then speaking on that group of crippled wrestlers .. about Xplosion and my opponents being, Kris Krimzon and "The Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle .. and everyone always knows that when your in this business you just don't wrestle you cut promos on your opponents before you big match up .. some speak more then others and go too far .. but I'm not looking to go too far .. but I surely probably will be speaking a lot than my opponents combined. This has probably got to be the biggest fucking joke CWF will pull on The Show .. I bet you people do not even know why I am here, It is not because a buddy gave me a call and wanted me to come over and help him dominate .. nope, it is because I have been sitting in the arena for CWF shows and couldn't stand the crap that was going on in the ring .. it was horrible, so you can consider me a savior here .. I am going to provide you with so much action you won't know whether to like it or hate it .. the thing that I find funny is this Kris dude naming him self after probably the faggiest color ever .. Crimson .. he just ghetto-fied his name is all, "K" instead of a "C" and a "Z" instead of an "S" .. if that's what he likes that's cool with me .. go ahead an try to say something about my name, my advice .. don't even try, just go back to beating yourself off of taking it up the ass by whoever you are taking it up the ass from .. and how would I know? .. actually I don't .. but what the fuck else who this curtain jerker being doing if he ain't cutting promos? .. certainly not picking up bitches .. and Kurt, don't even get me started on that cheer spirited faggot .. with his fucking milk and cookies peace offerings.

" Shining Star " Kristi Conners : Johnny can bring out the best in anyone in the ring, if you fans are happy with that slow paced crap you have been seeing, then your in for a ride you just might not like .. Johnny in the ring carries himself and his opponents, he makes them look good always, and at Xplosion these two guys Kris Krimzon and Kurt Angle will only get over because they are facing a man with a very good gift of making motherfuckers look better then they are and you better believe that Johnny will not be jobbing two those two clowns .. why would he? he's the Fucking Show. ..

Johnny " The Show " Cain : I'm set, I am damn well ready and amped to get this show on the go, I won't expect my opponents to bring it .. so to speak, no I could see them bringing nothing at all to the table in this match. I guess you could say I might have a slight disadvantage going into this match as the only one out of the two I know is Kurt Angle and I know that Kurt Angle is nothing great .. he sucks big time, he sucks so much and so hard ... you would think his name was Jenna Jameson .. as for Kris Krimzon .. he quite possibly could give me a run for my money .. but I highly doubt that .. I will do everything in my power not be one of the two losers in my debut here in CWF .. It seems Kris Krimzon has tried to follow the path of "The Show" .. Johnny Cain and join up with the group of crippled wrestlers .. remember I will no longer mention their name as they are not going to get time off of me, any CWF fan .. shouldn't be a New World Order fan ...Ah! FUCK!, I said their damn name, now they will have a hundred fans rushing to mark out to them .. come on please your guys recruiting mission is going to be a joke and it Kris Krimzon thinks he is the best in CWF .. the best in this Show .. well he's going another thing coming, cause nobody is better than The Show .. NOBODY! .. and I guess Kris Krimzon and Kurt Angle will find out why .. nobody gets HIGHER! ... RATINGS! that is then the .. Fucking SHOW .. and if that is not enough for you, boys prepare for the fucking ... ELIMINATION FACTOR! ..

| Visual Aid - Scene Two | : Johnny "The Show" Cain and "Shining Star" Kristi Conners both start taunting the camera as the scene then begins to fade off to a promo for Xplosion ..