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Ola Gergen, Kate Holman Gergen (Schiler), Herman Schiler and their Descendants

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Ola "Olie" Gergen and Kate Holman were each married twice. They both had children by both their spouses. In addition, Kate’s second husband, Herman Schiler, had children by a former marriage. This amounted to a grand total of sixteen children, nine of whom Kate and Herman had a hand in raising. All these will be listed below according to who were their parents.

Olie and Kate Gergen had three children. They were:

Elmer Vernice "Vernie" Gergen (1912-1999).
Opal Irene Gergen (1913-1989).
Ivan Glen Gergen (1918-1968).
In 1917 after they had been married for five years, Olie ran out on Kate Gergen. They had been living at least part of the time at Liberty, Kansas. He was working for the railroad on the Cherryvale to Wichita Kansas run. Kate was a month pregnant with Ivan when Olie came home, told her to sell all they had and that they would make a new home. When he returned he took the money and left. The oldest child, five-year-old Vernie, remembered his dad going down the road with his suitcase never looking back.

Vernie lived with his Holman grandparents until Kate re-married several years later. Vernie remembered walking down the railroad tracks taking taking his grandfather's Civil War pension check to the bank. Kate did what she could to help with finances for the family. For sometime she played the piano in a tavern to make some extra money. She was quite good on the piano, played by ear. She also became employed in Coffeyville, Kansas as a telephone operator where she worked until after her marriage in 1920 to Herman Leo Schiler. Herman's first wife had died in a big flu epidemic. He and his first wife had six children, however, two died very young. Another died in the flu epidemic of 1918. This left him with three children to raise. These were:

Anthony "Tony" John Schiler
Eldridge "Bud" Lawrence Schiler
Merrell Schiler
Herman and Kattie Gergen Schiler This is Kate Holman (Gergen) Schiler and her second husband Herman Schiler. Herman worked at the Rae Patterson Mill in Coffeyville, Kansas until he fell quite a distance at work and broke both legs. Consequently he spent two years in Kansas City in the hospital. His sons by Kate, Bob and Len, were just small children. Kate would take them and drive their 1931 Dodge on gravel roads, which in those days were all they had, to Kansas City to visit Herman. Bob remembered they had a cabin they stayed in. During World War II, Herman and Kate had five sons in the service at one time. Some how they made it through the good and bad times. The children were all good to help when they were old enough to do so. (/un/gergen/gerg-jpg/gerg-10.jpg).

Elmer Vernice "Vernie" Gergen and his Descendants

The first child of Olie and Kate Gergen, but who Herman Schiler helped raise, was Vernice. Vernie maried Ruth Livingston Gergen in 1929 at Nowata, Oklahoma. They had six children between 1929 and 1945. The first three and last child were born in Coffeyville, Kansas. The fourth was born at Independence, Kansas and the sixth in Los Angeles. Initially they did farming around Coffeyville and Cherryvale. Vernie's half-brother, Bob Schiler, remembered:

The summer that I was 12 to 13 years old, I helped Vernie on a farm that he worked, in what was called the Irish Creek District, northeast of Independence. I helped put up hay (alphalpha and prairie hay), wheat and oats. I also helped with the cows, chickens, horses and mules. I think there were 80 some head of goats. That was a lot of fun. The following summer, I helped him work for another farmer. I got $15 per month and my room and board.
In 1950 the family moved to Valsetz, Oregon where Vernie worked for the Valsetz Lumber Company. Later they moved to Salem, Oregon, where Vernie worked as a boiler fireman at the Oregon Correctional Institute. After his retirement they moved to Lincoln City, then Jefferson and then Albany, Oregon in 1982. Vernie died in 1999 and is buried at Pacific View Memorial Gardens in Lincoln City, Oregon. His children are:
Donald "Donnie" Gergen (b. 1929) was in the service in the Korean War and is good at working on engines of all kinds. He married Mary Evelyn Brenner Dodge in 1977. They have three children.
Wanda Lee Gergen (b. 1931) married Laurence King in 1951. They had three children. After they divorced, Wanda raised the children herself, working as a clerk in a grocery store. She never remarried.
Edna Ruth Gergen (b. 1935) married Loren Lippert in 1956. They have one child. She is retired from a good job.
Beverly Ann “Bev” Gergen (b. 1938) married first Otis Burchell and then Robert Frederick Hammond in 1957. She is now retired from a good job. She has four children.
Patsh Irene “Pat” Gergen (b. 1942) married Charles “Chuck” Diggs in 1961. She was working as a telephone operator and Chuck was working as a mail carrier. They decided to open a store selling vacume cleaners and sewing machines. They had three stores in Washington State. They are now retired. They have three children.
Jane Kate “Janie” Gergen (b. 1945) married Richard Warren Allard in 1962 and then John Lee Pierce in 1966. They have two daughters, one of whom is a lawyer in California.
Vernie's family Here is Vernie, his wife and their six children. Those pictured are, sitting, left to right: Janie Gergen (Allard) Pierce, Edna Gergen Lippert, Pat Gergen Diggs, and Bev Gergen (Burchell) Hammond. Standing left to right are: Wanda Gergen King, Vernie Gergen, Ruth Livingston Gergen and Donnie Gergen. (/un/gergen/gerg.12)
five generationsKattie Gergen Schiler Here is pictured Kate Gergen Schiler and four generations that descend from her and Olie through Vernie. In the back row left to right is Beverly Gergen Hammond (b. 1938) and her father, Vernie (1912-1999). In front are Debra Lynn (daughter of Beverly), Mylinda Dawn (daughter of Debra) and great grandmother Kate Gergen Schiler (1894-1979). (/un/gergen/gerg.8)

Irene Gergen Culp

Opal Irene Gergen (1913-1989) was the second child of Olie and Kate Gergen. She married James Walton "Walt" Culp in 1939 at Iola, Kansas. Irene had polio at age thirteen in 1926. Her legs never developed and she could not put her heels on the floor. But that did not keep her from being active. One of her first jobs was in a candy store. One of the nice things about this job was that she used to bring candy to her young half-brothers, Bob and Len Schiler. The candy store owner, Mr. Caculus, was Greek. Bob and Len learned to ask Mr. Caculus how he felt, which resulted in him giving them generous portions of candy. Irene helped raise a daughter from age four that Walt had by his previous marriage. During World War II Walt and Irene worked at Douglas Aircraft in Tulsa. Later they moved to Cherryvale, Kansas, where Irene cared for her parents in their old age. Kate lived with Irene and Walt at the end of her (Kate's) life. They moved to Grove, Oklahoma, where Kate died in 1989. After Kate's death, Irene and Walt moved to Benton, Kentucky, where Walt was born and raised. Irene died in 1999 and is buried at Benton along with Walt.

Ola and Kattie Gergen's children
Pictured here up front left is Irene Gergen (Culp) and next to her is older brother, Vernie Gergen. In the back are Irene's younger brothers, who were by Kate Holman's second husband, Herman Schiler. They are left to right, E.L. (Eldridge Lawrence) Schiler, Len Schiler and Bob Schiler. (/un/gergen/gerg-jpg/gerg-9.jpg).

Ivan Gergen and his Descendants

Ivan Glen Gergen (1918-1968) was the third child of Olie and Kate Gergen. He married Edith Carrier in 1939. They had four children:
Glenna Dean Gergen died young.
Edith Marlene Gergen married Gary Barrand.
Carol Jean Gergen married Harold Wayne Jackson. They live in Dodge City, Kansas. Carol Jean is a beautician with her shop in her home. This helped her to be there for her boys as they grew up. Harold Wayne retired from working in Dodge City but has a farm, which is a hobby for him. His oldest son, Michael Jackson, is a banker and helps with the farming.
Gayle Lene Gergen married Michael Beyer.

Later Ivan divorced Edith and married Carolyn Kay Weiser in 1960. They had four children:

Katie Mae Gergen married Harold Brehm, then David McNabb.
Sherry Ann Gergen married Gary Sands.
Ivan Glenn Gergen, Jr. married Sheriley Ann Mason.
Raeleen Gergen married Edwin Wade.

Kate Holman (Gergen) Schiler, Herman Schiler and their Descendants

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Kate and Herman Schiler had three children together. They raised their own three children together with the three she had with Ola and the three Herman had by his first wife as one family. The three they had together were:

Kenneth Schiler died at age two.
Robert “Bob” Dean Schiler married Betty Ann Shumaker in 1948. Betty Ann’s family was from Cherryvale. Her mother was Ruby Breese. Ruby was one of seven children. Her uncle was Ed Breese (d. 1949), whose wife was Lena Gergen. Lena was a daughter of Peter Gergen III, who was an older brother to John W. Gergen.
Leonard Eugene Schiler.