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Ella Gergen Howard and her Descendants

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Blanch Howard Ella and Roy Howard had two children. First there was Thommy “Tom” Charles Howard (b. 1902), who married Lucy Friezer. Tom and Lucy lived in Fredonia, Kansas. The second child of Ella and Roy Howard was Blanche Ruth Howard (Routh). Blanch is one of the two women sitting on the running board of this car, probably in the 1930s. She lived in Cherryvale, Kansas and was married several times. (/un/gergen/gerg-jpg/gerg-17.jpg).
Ella Gergen Howard This is another picture of Ella (Gergen) Howard. She and Roy Howard lived in or near Cherryvale, Kansas. (/un/gergen/gerg-jpg/gerg-16.jpg).
Ella Gergen Howard tomb This is the grave of Ella (Gergen) Howard at Mound Valley, Kansas. (/un/gergen/gerg-jpg/gerg-18.jpg).