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Ordinary Page To Extrodinary Sites

The Ordinary Page To Extrodinary Sites


Welcome to my page of links to great webpages. Below are my collection of links. They include games and lots of other intresting stuff. Hope you can use them! I constantly update this page so there will be a new websites every fortnight. Also, I am not reponsible for any damage caused by contents of this webpage or my links. Visit at your own risk.

Here below are my collection of links you can visit.

Games & Games Related Section.

Kings of Chaos is a text base game with a Medieval feel.

The maker of great games. If you haven't heard of warcraft III your outdated!

This is a share market game where you are given a currency named Jockbucks, as the website suggest. You are to invest in shares and expand you portfolio. It's quite fun!

Miniclips is a fun games site.

A little website with classic games such as Pacman, Space Invaders and more.

A MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It's text-based. Very addictive.

Below is a Mini Clip Games Room. Click for instant game action!

This site has ringtones and games.

A game sites with a huge collection of games updates every week!

Ever wanted to make your own lemonade store? Now you can!!

Medieval Battles is a text based, RTS type of game. I highly recommend it.

Test your reflex. Compare your score to your friends.

Animations & Jokes Section.

A great site with lotsa great animations but some animation are only for kids 15+. WARNING: THIS SITE CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENTS PARENTAL GUIDENCE REQUIRED FOR KIDS UNDER 15.

Jokes for old and young.

A site of hilarious cartoons. Some violent content.

A episode of my favourite animation. Click to watch!

Plenty of clean jokes. Good for when your parents are at home.

A site with links to many comics including old classics such as Garfield!!

A Simpsons fan site. What so special about it? You can download the newest simpsons episode off the website.

Search Engine and Misc. Section

A good search engines that searches several search engines at once.

A site that offers free email. 5 MB. A bit of ads though.

Download lots of softwares. Some you have to pay for some you don't.

Ask Jeeves. The search engine in which you ask a question!

Search engine without anything else on the page. Just a search engine. A good search engine as well.

Dogpile is a meta-search engine which means it search the search engines to bring you back all the websites. Which it very useful.

The Chilling Dead

days 'til another update on the site.

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