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I know I hurt u much this time
I donít know what went on to my mind
I still donít believe it, how could I?
How could I hurt the one that I love?
The one Iím always dreaming of
How did I dare to make u cry?
Please forgive me, I know I was wrong
Please hold on, try to be strong
Iím ready to lose the whole world to keep you
I know that I made a mistake
If I ever hurt you, I never mean to
I wonít wait to see ur heart break
Iím gonna change everything but my heart
Itís where I always kept u from the very start
You shall always be my little girl
Please forgive me; I love you more than words can say
Iím ready to make it up to you in any way
I hope one day that youíll forgive me
Be the one to make my guilt a little bit at ease
I just wanna tell you that Iím gonna love you forever
And I hope that weíll always stay together

i love You

For my little girl cheL