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Picture Page

This is where you guys gotta help me out. My goal is to have atleast One picture of every club member. But the catch is it has to be something your gonna regret ever putting on here. It can be anything, plus if you have a picture of someone else that is in the club that will really piss them off and embarass them, then send it to me and I will put it on here. I will try to be the first one to have a picture on here, but I gotta get some first. I hope you will all co-operate and not get too mad, plus if you do get mad let us video tape it so it can go on the phat trax video. Plus if you do get mad we might take a picture of you mad and put it on here. Just remember it's all in good fun. Were all friends here anyway's. And only club members know the page address(I HOPE).

The easiest way to post a picture: What you should do is upload the picture onto the yahoo groups photo album (everyone has there own folder) and I will put the craziest pictures on this page