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Welcome to [RaGe] Industries' website - home to some random articles. If there is anything you want us to host, just send us an email at Thanks!

Imperial Armour Volume 1: Tanks Of The Imperium - Tech Tree. Check out the articles page for this Dawn Of War mods tech tree (WIP)
Rage Industries is an organisation created by SSdraken to be a working place for his many projects and ideas - the latest being a Dawn Of War mod.

For navigation, please use either the links at the top, or the links on the left. Whilst you're at it, you can check out the old site!
Check out the downloads section if you are interesting in getting hold of good GBA Emulators/Roms. I'm not going to host too many, but I may link to quite a few. I have working Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as a few others.

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