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|| Who are they? ||
Who are they? They are the first years nursing students of San Pedro College of Davao City equipped with different talents, wits, beauty and humors. Their title - "F29 Rulz!" came from their section, BSN 1 - F29. They RULE! F29 Rulz! Know them more now!

|| News ||
F29 ha just finished their enrollment last April 2 (Friday).
|| Whats New? ||
Welcome to the newly designed website of the F29! For more suggestions, comments or opinions, you can send your letter in e-mail add: Thank you for visiting.

|| Chatroom ||
Want to chat with F29 students and other users online? Join the chatroom now.

|| Happy Birthday! ||
Happy 18th Birthday to the following debutant: Sizah Sison and Karren Gay Rebalde. Celebrate with them on April 3. On April 5, Sheryllene Rimpos will also celebrate her 18th birthday. Hyacinth Jao will also celebrating her birthday on April 17.

|| F29 Students ||
Guys, meron na akong schedule of the class. Just click here. For more information, please see the registrar's bulletin board.