Balmoral Farm

If you want a place to stay whether its winter or summer, you have to go and see the Balmoral Farm for a unique holiday any time of the year. Aswell as being attractive, Balmoral farm is fully equipped to meet your daily needs. Its located on a quite contry road just off the coastal Sunrise Trail. Its a very good place to stay for short day trips if you plan on exploring Nova Scotia. For More Information Go to the website at .
Shamper's Bluff Inn

Shamper's Bluff Inn is a place to stay, even in the blistering cold, but also great for in the summer heat. Shamper's Bluff Inn is located in rural New Brunswick on a country road near Shamper's cove. So if you are a water person or even if you arn't Shamper's Bluff Inn is the place to be in any season.
Bird's Eye View

Off the south shore of PEI, on the Blue Heron Scenic Trail the beautiful bed and breakfast Inn will please you whether its your honey moon or just a vacation, they will make sure that is unforgetable with all of the fabulous views, pool and the private bedrooms. For more informtion please visit
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