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In the provinces within my ecozone, there are many attrations to see and go visit, But i'll only tell you about some of them because theres to many to name.
In Prince Edward Island the attration to see is the Peakes Wharf Boat Tours for a great time. At Peakes Wharf Boat Tours you can just relax and cruise the rivers of PEI, viewing of popular attrations and great marine life. So if you want tosee it all and dont want to have to move a muscle just get on a boat and sail.

In Nova Scotia the attraction to be at is Fort Lawrence. Besides being a historical site its also very interesting. Its located at the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border where they have been trying to reconstruct it.

As you can see in the picture it was an oquard shape. so if you are a vetern of just like forts come to it and relive memories.

New Brunswick has alot of attrations like the one in St.Andrews called SV Cory Whale Watching & Nature Tours. Its a great attration for relaxing at seeing whales on the Passamaquoddy Bay aswell as taking in scenery.

So In conclusion, the Atlantic Maritime has many relaxing aswell as adventures attrations so come an see them all you have nothing to lose except excitement if you dont come.