The Atlantic Maritime has all the attraction you need to see wether you staying in St.John, New Brunswick or in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In New Brunswick the place to be this summer is at the Bay Of Fundy to see all of the marine life,

the wonderfull seascapes and some of the highest tides in the world, so come to the Bay Of Fundy an experience it all.

In Nova Scotia, the place to be is on the Cabot Trail to expirience one of the most fabulos drives, aswell as the high lands and low lands with the lake side view.

In Prince Edward Island if your looking for a quite place to relax you must go to the Red Point Provincial Park open from May 29 - September 25 for a great camping expirence. With it's beautiful beachs and supervised swimming pools, Red Point campground is very popular with families.So come to Red Point P.P. for a relaxing expirence.
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