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reasons to hate goverment

Docket is an underground band with electronics ,keyboards,guitars,bass,drummer,and vocalists,could be put into many subgenres if you wanted to be hip.Docket supports anti-mainstream movements and anarchistic crazy people with baloons.Want a demo?good.

july/20/2005 cunts,they put fucking adverstising all over our weppage.Docket is tripping out,(uknowantiestabilsment).have faith in smokeable drugs and industrial trash.peace out rivets.

Cool shit?

docket MP3's
resistance-socialist youth orginisation
giger-cos hes a fucking genious
help end marijuana prohibition-HEMP
nimbin hemp embassy-Legalize marijuana
erowid-for the psychonauts-drugs
somehippysite,its trippy and informative.
Dark electonic industrial music news and mp3 downloads from australia and the world
lycaeum-exellent information on getting getschtonkenflopped
household drugs-dont rely on this shit
totse-crazy bad bad
how to make a bomb with a battery.