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Our Home
14/10/2001 - Our House From Front
So this is 16-18 St Stephens Avenue in Parnell, also called as Harbour View like you may see in the front of the building (if you have super human eye sight). The house itself does not look too exciting, like we thought initially... However, in the left top corner you can see our bedroom windows.
14/10/2001 - Our House From The Back
And this is how it looks like from the back of the building. Almost all the flats have their own big balconies and carparks are available for some, including us and our Mitsumobile.
14/10/2001 - Living Room And Dining Table
Our flat is one bedroom unit which gives plenty of space for both of us (at least it should...). It is fully furnished including bed linen and towels so basically we just moved/walked in with our rugsacks and started a new life. This is the living room which adjoins to the balcony and kitchenette... with of course great views!
01/09/2001 - Living Room From The Kitchen
Picture from kitchenette to the living room.
01/09/2001 - Kitchen
This is our kitchenette where is everything what you can need from dishwasher to microwave oven. Yes and washing machine and dryer are hidden in the one of the cupboards, clever, eh?
14/10/2001 - Bedroom
Windows everywhere, also in our bedroom. So sometimes you feel like a goldfish in a bowl.
01/09/2001 - Always So Important - Toilet
Always so needed place, the bathroom.
09/09/2001 - Back Yard
This picture is taken from the balcony to the back yard. On sunny day you need to be quick if you want some space to hang your clothes.
08/09/2001 - View From The Balcony To Auckland City Centre
More great views. You can see most of the highest buildings in Auckland City Centre Sky Tower which is 2m higher that Eiffel Tower.
12/10/2001 - View From The Balcony To Rangitoto At Dawn
Early Bird - picture to Rangitoto at dawn.
01/09/2001 - View From Bedroom To Orakei And Remuera
A view from the bedroom to the shore which is surrounded by suburbs called Remuera and Orakei.
09/09/2001 - Our Car - It's Not Just A Car, It's A Mitsumobile
Finally our so important family member, Mitsubishi Mirage. It is a good little runner, however as it's a Japanese import, when the speed hits 110km/h on the motorway extremely annoying ding-dong sound starts. Not fun!