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08/09/2001 - Auckland Viaduct
For a regular Aucklander the trip to Devonport starts from the Auckland Viaduct as Devonport is only 10 minutes boat trip (20 minutes with a car) away from Auckland city centre. Thousands of people use a ferry daily to get to work from/to Devonport.
08/09/2001 - Bye Bye Auckland, Sniff!
Bye bye Auckland! We will miss you although we are only going to be away for couple of hours.
08/09/2001 - Walking Along The Coast Line At Devonport
We took the coastal route around the peninsula, which basically means walking from park to another. Can't complain.
08/09/2001 - Rangitoto From The North Head
The North Head offers great views to all directions. Here you see Rangitoto...sorry if we spoil the view.
08/09/2001 - World War 2 Bunkers At North Head
The North Head was a defensive stronghold for Auckland during the World War 2, it's still full of tunnels and bunkers, although Auckland never really saw battle.
08/09/2001 - Cheltenham Beach From The North Head
Millions of Beaches, Beaches for me. Never can have enough. This one is called Cheltenham. Some crazy people were already swimming and we were just living first days of the spring.
08/09/2001 - Walking Along The Cheltenham Beach
Snack, Rackle, Pop! No the beach is not made from rice crispies, but you basically you are walking on thousands of old shells on this beach.
08/09/2001 - Having Coffee At Devonport - Katja Seems To Be Xtremely Happy
So happy that it is scary...After a long day we had a coffee on Devonport's lovely Victoria Street. Place is gold mine with its lovely restaurants.
08/09/2001 - Leaving Devonport
After long day we finally left Devonport. Although we can't really wait to get back there. The hill in the middle by the way is an extinct volcano called Mt Victoria that we missed totally. And we didn't even go to the best swimming beach. Oh well, at least there something new for our next trip.