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10/11/2001 - Taking A First Look To Coromandel At The Other Side
Another weekend and another weekend trip. This time the destination was the Peninsula of Coromandel. Here we are taking our first looks to the peninsula over the Firth of Thames.
10/11/2001 - Driving North The Coromandel Coastal Road
After passing the old gold rush town - Thames, we continued north towards the town of Coromandel along this lovely coastal road.
10/11/2001 - Janne Testing The Water Temperature
As Katja wanted to take a swim later on during the day, Janne had to test water temperature - nice and cold, just as Janne likes his beer.
10/11/2001 - Obviously Not Too Far Away From Scotland
It looks like we came all way across the whole world and we still can't leave Scotland behind. The first flower on this trip was a thistle(Scotland's national flower).
10/11/2001 - Just Before Reaching The Town Of Coromandel
A view from the hill next to the town of Coromandel.
10/11/2001 - The Town Of Coromandel
Coromandel is an idyllic little town with its friendly atmosphere, coffee houses and art shops.
10/11/2001 - Katja Drinking Coffee Spiced Up With Black Pepper
A nice cup of coffee in Coromandel with the exotic taste of black pepper. Katja managed add some black pepper into her coffee as she thought it was cinnamon.
10/11/2001 - Katja About To Do Her First Swim At Whitianga
Here we go! Water was cold but the new wetsuit worked well and kept me warm.
10/11/2001 - Katja Disappearing To The Sea
Like a dolphin, swimming for a very first time, like a do-o-o-olphin...(Lyrics: Janne Everything Else: Madonna)
10/11/2001 - Janne Getting Bored
...And Janne is getting bored (and patriotic) as Katja just swims further and further away.
10/11/2001 - Katja Looking Like A Winner After The Swim
Soooo happy after the first swim. For my disappointment I did not see any sharks or other sea creatures.
10/11/2001 - The Hot Water Beach
On the next morning we headed to the Hot Water Beach. The beach is famous for its hot springs.
10/11/2001 - Getting Closer To The Hot Springs
The area of the springs covers only fifty meters of this more than a mile long beach. Funnily enough, all the people are also placed in this small area.
10/11/2001 - People Digging Their Own Hot Water Pools
The springs are accessed by digging a pool to the beach. In seconds the pool will be filled with hot water.
10/11/2001 - Janne Searching A Place For Our Pool
Janne tried to seek for a perfect place for our thermal pool. Desparately enough, instead of using a shovels we tried to dig the pool with our frisbee... with no success.
10/11/2001 - Twin Kauri Trees - Camera Broken, But Still Working
When leaving from the Hot Water Beach, Katja dropped our digital camera. Well, the screen behind the camera broke up, but as you can see the camera still works. Anyway, in the picture you can see two huge Kauri trees. These trees can be thousands of years old.