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25/12/2001 - The Christchurch Cathedral
On the Christmas Day morning, we flew into Christchurch and we were ready to start our South Island expedition. The airport shuttlebus took us to the city centre. It is amazing how quiet the city centre of 350 000 citizens's town can be on the Xmas Day. Here is the Christchurch Cathedral which was built in 1865.
25/12/2001 - Katja And The River Avon
As nothing was open in the city centre, we decided to head to the Botanic Gardens and Old Town area. On our way we crossed River Avon which crisscrosses through the town.
25/12/2001 - River Avon Without Katja
Another shot from River Avon. By the way, you can have a ride in the punt boats and wander through the town..
25/12/2001 - Old Art Centre
Christchuch is one of the oldest towns in New Zealand. You can see this in numerous gothic buildings and historical sites. The Old Art Centre in the picture was formerly the University of Canterbury.
25/12/2001 - Inner Yard Of The Art Centre - Reminds Us From UK
Inner Yard of the Art Centre.
25/12/2001 - Note The Artistic Angle In This Picture
Another shot at the inner yard. Note the artistic angle in the picture.
25/12/2001 - Fountain In The Botanic Gardens
Finally we reached the Botanic Gardens and this fountain was the first thing to see there. The Botanic Gardens has huge selection of grand trees and native plants on 30 hectars of land.
25/12/2001 - Trees With Some Interesting Colors
Colours in the Gardens are amazing. Check the contrast of the colours in these trees, for instance.
25/12/2001 - A Rose
Katja wanted to take some pictures of roses, this is one of her shots.
25/12/2001 - Many Roses
And here is part of the Botanic Rose Gardens.
25/12/2001 - One Of The Oldest Buildings Christ's College
This Christs' College next to the Botanic Gardens is one of oldest buildings in New Zealand. Nowadays it is a private school for boys.
25/12/2001 - Another Shot From Avon
One more shot from River Avon.
25/12/2001 - Christchurch Town Hall
Christchurch Town Hall