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Cape Reinga And The Ninety Mile Beach
21/10/2001 - Scene Just Before Kaitaia
21/10/2001 - Hundred Meter High Sand Dunes At Te Puke
21/10/2001 - The Old Light House of Cape Reinga
21/10/2001 - Janne And The Top Of The Cape
The story goes that when Maori people die their spirits travel to Cape Reinga and access the mystical Maori heaven called Hawaike E Nui through the tip of the peninsula you can see on the background. Here Janne is trying to figure out how this really happens in practice.
21/10/2001 - The Whole Group Of Us And The Cape
21/10/2001 - Driving In Te Puke Stream
There is an access to the Ninety Mile Beach in Te Puke, the problem is that you need a car capable of driving in the middle of a stream.
21/10/2001 - The Ninety Mile Beach, which was actually more like 75km beach.
21/10/2001 - Car Sunken Into Ninety Mile Beach
Some sad person had tried to cross the Ninety Mile Beach during the high tide. No luck. Glen is looking for a public toilet, but I have feeling that he doesn't have any luck either.