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The Bay Of Islands
20/10/2001 - The lovely town of Paihia
It was a labour weekend and the weather forecast had promised heavy rain and wind. Well we were about to prove that you should never the weatherman. We started our Bay of Island trip from Paihia, normally town of 5000 citizen, but on the summer time the population can easily get up to 20000. This is no suprise as the Bay of Island is just so beautiful with it's beaches, dolphins and of course lovely islands.
20/10/2001 - The town of Russell, place where Captain Cook first set his foot
On the other side of bay on the same level as Paihia is other beautiful town called Russell. Russell is the place where the Captain Thomas Cook took his first steps at mainland New Zealand.
20/10/2001 - Twin Lagoons
The first real stop on our boat was this magnificient island with it's twin lagoon beaches. Unfortunately I didn't have a change to visit the island, but we were quite sure that there was more to come.
20/10/2001 - Some rich bastard owned this beach
This beach is owned by someone with too much money. You always know when the owner is present, because he parks his helicopter to the beach. Awesome!
20/10/2001 - One of the New Zealand's old America's Cup boats
I think we have been quite lucky as, this is already the second America's Cup sailing boat we have seen. Pretty!
20/10/2001 - Cape Brett nearby the Hole In The Rock
We were getting closer to the furthest stop today. Next to the Cape Brett (in the picture) is nature's own wonder, The Hole In The Rock
20/10/2001 - The
Damn, some other boat had been faster and had taken our place in the hole.
20/10/2001 - The Actual Hole In The Rock
The hole is 100 metres long and around 20 metres in height.
20/10/2001 - View At The Bay
Well as you can see, no rain, no heavy wind and not even clouds. We are not complaining.
20/10/2001 - One of the Bay's Islands
On our way back to Paihia we stopped for a picnic in this nice little island (cannot remember the name - sorry).
20/10/2001 - Back At Russell - The place was currently hosting Pacific Classic boat race
Back At Russell, we decided to visit the town as it was currently hosting Pacific Classic boat race. The day was probably the start of the summer season in Russell.
20/10/2001 - The strand at Russell
The strand was full of life, there was live music in every pub, people were drinking sparkling wine and enjoying their life.
20/10/2001 - Average House at Russell...Just Kidding
On our walk around the town centre, we found this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l little house...Well, not that small.