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03/01/2002 - The Banks Peninsula
It was almost the end of the holiday and we decided to spend our final days in former French settlement of Akaroa before heading back home in Auckland. Akaroa locates on the Banks Peninsula near Christchurch. The peninsula itself was created by two enormous volcanic eruptions and you can see it in the landspace. The whole Akaroa Harbour bay is actually a centre of the extinct crater. The peninsula is not only well known because of its landscape, but also for its fauna. The bay is one of the only places in the world where you can see endangered Hector Dolphins.
03/01/2002 - Inside Our Lovely Hostel Chez La Mer
We stayed in a lovely hostel called Chez La Mer.
03/01/2002 - War Memorial
War memorial in the Akaroa Harbour.
04/01/2002 - Akaroa High Street Or Rue Lavaud
After exhausting 5 hour canoeing it was time to head home. So there was no other options than to pack the car up again for a final time. Many of the Akaroa's streets still have their French name, here is the high street - Rue Lavaud.