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HTML Gear - free polls, guestbooks, and more! Found an old image of Kamikaze Badger talking about his "girlfriend". Snoopy may remember, because she was being bothered by Kami about it. Kami kept saying she was a great person and not a 50 year old man picking up on girls because she's a writer. Then I offended him by saying "I'm a writer too, but I don't pick up on 13 year old boys who read books about medieval mice". That's when he got offended and left. He wants to marry her too, by jumping off a plane and proposing to her to quote Nameless "Like a bad romance movie" "Crappy Website of Kami's psuedo-girlfriend's journal wrote: Contents of locker-that-has-not-been-opened-for-a-whole-semester: - Snowboots - Gray fleece gloves - Pink mittens - Green bucket hat (the nice one with the Happy Bunny pins) - Black fleece hat - Lunchbox - Petrified string cheese, thankfully unopened - Large, unopened bag of barbecue chips brought for semester party in history that never happened - The very first drawing of Linny (she's got PIGTAILS, run away) - An abstract painting from art class - Furry brown winter coat - Blue ski coat - Five progress reports from geometry - A windchime - My Monty Python CD." Two Eyed God wrote: who the fuck cares?! Classic. I really have to agree though. Why write a journal about the dumbest shit. Not like her life is interesting.