Crisis Navigator

Crisis Navigator is a tool for quickly identifying the providers of crisis services (emergency food, clothing, shelter) in the DC Metro area.


Barry Hale is developing it to help navigate through the maze of emergency services in this area and to “help the next guy” to help others who are in crisis to quickly find the services that they need. Click on Service Providers for the telephone numbers of the providers in the data base.


Barry describes Crisis Navigator as "an Access database with service data and client population information  in several tables":


Accommodation (number of beds, apartments)

ClientIntake (walk-in, by appointment, by referral, etc.)

ClientPopCircumstance (gender, age, ethnicity, homeless, low income, addict, etc.)

ClientPopLocality (service area of facility: DC Metro, Bethesda, etc.)

ClientService (services provided: emergency food, shelter, clothing, etc.)

Facility (name, address, phone, e-mail, URL)

Fee (type of fees charged)

HandicapAccess (handicap or wheelchair access)

Language (languages interpreted, translated)


These tables are “joined” to produce new tables of information for persons in particular circumstances.




Barry inputed his own personal circumstances (adult PG County Maryland resident with elder care, emergency food, and utility cut-off issues) into the following query


SELECT DISTINCT ClientPopLocality.Name, Locality

FROM Facility

INNER JOIN (ClientPopLocality

INNER JOIN (ClientService

INNER JOIN (ClientPopCircumstance

INNER JOIN (ClientIntake

ON ClientPopCircumstance.FacilityNum = ClientIntake.FacilityNum)

ON ClientService.FacilityNum = ClientPopCircumstance.FacilityNum)

ON ClientPopLocality.FacilityNum = ClientService.FacilityNum)

ON Facility.FacilityNum = ClientPopLocality.FacilityNum

WHERE ((ServiceLocalityScope < 4) OR (ServiceLocality = "PG County"))


((Locality = "PG County") OR (Locality = "DC NW") OR (Locality = "DC NE") OR (Locality = "DC SW") OR (Locality = "DC SE") OR (Locality = "Montgomery County"))


((ServiceLocalityScope <> 8) OR (ServiceLocalityZip = "20782"))


((ServiceLocalityScope <> 7) OR (ServiceLocalityCity = "Hyattsville"))


ServiceLocalityPriority = 1


ServiceCategory <> "Referral"


((ServiceCategoryCode = 3)

OR ((ServiceCategoryCode = 4) AND ((ServiceType = "General") OR (ServiceType = "Mental Health") OR ServiceType Is Null))

OR (ServiceCategoryCode = 8) OR (ServiceCategoryCode = 9) OR (ServiceCategoryCode = 11) OR (ServiceCategoryCode = 14) OR ((ServiceCategoryCode = 21)

AND ((ServiceType = "Social Worker") OR (ServiceType = "Crisis Intervention"))))


((CircumstanceCode = 6) OR (CircumstanceCode = 20) OR (CircumstanceCode = 39) OR (CircumstanceCode = 42)

OR (CircumstanceCode = 62) OR (CircumstanceCode = 63) OR (CircumstanceCode = 64))


((MinAge > 21) OR MinAge Is Null)


((Gender = "M") OR (Gender = "U"))


FamilyRelationship = "Individual"


((AgeCategory = "All") OR (AgeCategory = "Adult") )


((MaritalStatus = "Single") OR (MaritalStatus = "All"))


EthnicityNationality = "All"


ImmigrationStatus = "All"


((IntakeMethod = "Walk-In") OR (IntakeMethod = "Appointment"))

ORDER BY Locality, ClientPopLocality.Name;



with the result


Calvary's Food Bank                             DC NE                  

10th Street Baptist Church                      DC NW                   

3rd Street Church of God                        DC NW                  

6th Presbyterian Church                         DC NW                  

Action for Peace Through Prayer & Aid           DC NW                  

Berean Baptist Church                           DC NW                  

Church of the Pilgrims                          DC NW                  

Foggy Bottom Food Pantry                        DC NW                  

Food For All Program                            DC NW                   

Gospel Rescue Ministries                        DC NW                  

Greater Washington Urban League                 DC NW                  

Loaves and Fishes                               DC NW                  

Lutheran Social Services                        DC NW                  

McKenna's Wagon                                 DC NW                  

Metropolitan Baptist Church                     DC NW                  

Miriam's Kitchen                                DC NW                   

Reach Out and Touch Ministries, Inc.            DC NW                  

Saint John United Baptist Church                DC NW                  

Saint Mary's Court                              DC NW                  

Salvation Army                                  DC NW                  

Shiloh Baptist Church                           DC NW                  

Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program     DC SE                  

Missionaries of Charity                         DC SE                  

Salvation Army                                  DC SE                  

Washington City Church of the Brethren          DC SE                  

Adventist Community Services                    Montgomery County      

Gaithersburg Community Soup Kitchen             Montgomery County      

Islamic American Zakat Foundation, Inc.         Montgomery County      

Mobile Medical Care, Inc.                       Montgomery County      

Community Ministry of Prince George's County    PG County              

First New Horizon Food Bank                     PG County              

House on the Hill                               PG County              

Jesus Over You Ministries, Inc.                 PG County              

Martha's Closet, Inc                            PG County              

Mission of Love, Inc.                           PG County              

Patricia E. Brown Sharing Fund                  PG County              

Refreshing Spring Church of God in Christ       PG County              

Salvation Army of Prince George's County        PG County              

SHABACH! Community Service Corp.                PG County              

Sylvan Vista Baptist Church                     PG County              

United Communities Against Poverty, Inc.        PG County              

Walker Mill Community Development Corporation   PG County              


As indicated by the complexity of the query above much more detailed results can be obtained, such as listings of facilities serving Hispanic immigrants, or pregnant, addicted females, etc.